Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Wild Adventures of The PUG!

I know that its been a long time since I last blogged.
It hasnt been because I haven't wanted to blog but its because
Ive been soooo busy that Ive had to put
it on the back burner for now.
between working on special orders for you lovely ladies,

2009 Vintage Hankie Planner

And working on projects for the website, I have been busier than a bee!

Thanks to you wonderful little shoppers, as soon as I
get something posted on my website the item sells and
then I'm back into my mad laboratory
creating more new pretties for you!
My family hasn't seen me in weeks!!!!! :P
I want to thank you all for your wonderful support
I'm very touched that you love my work.
I hope to continue to create and provide things that
you will love and cherish in your own homes.
I still don't have alot of time to blog right now,
I need to get back into the lab,
so I thought I would at least entertain you with some photos of the Pug!
I was thinking you might enjoy seeing what a day in the life of the pug looks like!
So sit back and enjoy but be warned it might get a little crazy!!

First on the agenda is to contemplate.....Nap or Food?????
That is the question!

Nap sounds good!

But wait!!!!! is that food I smell????

Oh false alarm! time for another nap!

This time will try another sofa!
closer to the kitchen!

Aha!!! good strategy I did hear pots and pans clinking!

First at the table!!!
(oh and by the way ignore the ugly fabric on the bench!
I bought these benches with the intentions of slipcovering them in the most scrumptous pink rose fabric! stay tuned for this kitchen makeover)

I'm sure there must be some health code violation being committed here with that tongue
being on the kitchen table but hey he is part of the family!!!

after a hardy meal nothing else to do but take another nap!

So how was that!
This is the mad, wild and adventurous life of the Pug!
and for some people his life may be actually something to attain for...hee hee...
Hope it made you smile.
Stay tuned for more adventures coming
soon in "Wild Adventures of the Pug the Sequel!"
And stay tuned for more pretties being listed early this week!!
hugs and smiles,

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Moving on.

Ive decided to delete my previous post because I didn't like the way it made me feel.

I want my blog to be a place of peace, serenity and inspiration not a place to gripe or complain.

Even though I feel I'm entitled to and have many
storys to tell I'm not....... I'm going to let it go.

If you have any questions email me directly and we can talk.



Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good News!!!

Well Its November 1st so you no what that means!!!

No im not talking election day, turkey day, silver bella or any other big event coming this month..

Novemeber 1 st means its..........

New Jewel of the month time!!!!!

Now..... Thats what im talkin about! :)

And is this a good one that I have for your daily dose of inspiration!!!
Our November Jewel of the month comes to us from the land down under in
It is Mandii’s beautiful Shabby home.
Mandii said when they bought their modern fa├žade home 7 years ago it it likewise started out inside with modern interiors, but boy has it changed!
People say that when they walk into their house its not what they expected. Its more warm and cozy which is the look she is going for.
Mandii describes her style as Shabby Old meets Shabby New!
She loves old pieces of furniture that are marked and dented with peeling paint, each piece has its own story to tell.

She started making over chairs into shabby style and since she wasn’t into that style of decorating she would sell them on ebay without a hitch since she didn’t really like them.
Then her designs evolved and she started making over lamps and lampshades and then onto bigger furniture.
She was also one of the first aussie gals to make Shabby faux cakes etc, they look so wonderful on display without any temptation at all!!
Mandii sells items on eBay every week.
Her eBay user name is- Shabby_Vintage_dreams

She describes herself as just an average everyday stay at home mum with a 4 year old and one baking at the moment, who started her Shabby career while maintaining a home and a family.
Check out her home as featured for the Jewel of the month on my website then check out her ebay site but don’t buy anything I want…hee hee…

Im also going to be listing loads of treasures either monday or tuesday if all goes as planned!

so stay tuned.....

same bat channel...

hugs and smiles,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who am I ??????

Do you ever feel you have more than one side to you????

I often struggle with that issue.....

I sometimes feel like a real froo frooie.. girlie girl...
so much so that some of my friends nick name me the PRINCESS......

There is a part of me that never goes out without
lipstick and mascara....
My hubbie always brings me my coffee and toast in the mourning...
I try to display good manners and etiquette at all times...
and I strive to make my home look like
the type of place
that RACHEL herself would be proud to call her own.....
but then I sometimes feel not so froo frooie and feel more like the Pug!!!!!

Sometimes I just dont care.....
I often go barefooted.... something that drives my husband insane!!
I Often spill things on myself....
it seems my coffee leaps out of my cup an on to my white blouse or sweater!!! ..its really
not my fault!!! :P
and then sometimes my house looks like a tornado just flew by.......

Sometimes I have to laugh and say to myself...... "who am I????" Am I the princess or the Pug??

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I'm all those things....
and that we all have many dimension's to our personality.

and its all those little quirks that make us unique and human.....
Its also a woman's way of keeping our husbands on their toes and keeping life interesting!!!!

I have to chuckle to myself often when I say or do something...
then my husband looks at me with a smile and saids .....WHAAAAT????.....

It makes me think of Ricky Ricardo talking to Lucy....
and I envision my husband saying to me in a
Latin got some splaining to do!!!!!!

But despite my Lucille Ball mentality and antics he loves me......

I often ask him why?????

and he always saids there is so much why!!!

But of course like any wife I don't let it end there and I make him spell it out!!

But the sweetest thing is he obliges......

All I can say is Ive been very blessed!!!

Well enough of all this mushy stuff..... i've also got some more great news......

i've also been the fortunate winner of many give aways.....

I will post about them all soon...

but for now I have to mention this tremendous load of goodies

that I won from the darlin Jessi !

I couldnt believe all the things she sent me!!!!

The sweetest prettiest packages tied up with gingham and polka dot ribbons...
it wore me out to open it all...hee hee....

Just look at all these wonderful scrap booking supplies!!

Jessi is such a fun spunky girl she goes by the name scrappy jessi

you must check out her blog and her etsy site

She has some of the most whimsical and creative items,

and as a bit of blogging trivia .. her nickname is the living Barbie..

Go visit her and say hello you ll be glad you did!

Ive been moving slow still because of the lymes disease...

I'm not responding to treatment as I had hoped so my projects for the website are coming slower than I hoped.

Thanks for your patience Im working on some special orders and some more treasures for the website

One of which im giving you a sneak peek with this picture......

Doesn't it look scrumptous!!! Whats better than something made with vintage lace but something with pink in it too!!

Ill have to keep you guessing though for now and you ll have to wait to find out what it is!!

so stay tuned....

same bat channel!!!



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beauty and The Beast!!

Well I suppose it depends on whose perspective your looking from.......

In my eyes my Pugsie is such a beautiful sight!!! How can you not love him!!!!
But I suppose in some peoples eyes he would be considered more of an ugly beast!

But I love him regardless....

He is my beautiful baby!!!
Now another thing that can be considered either a beauty or a beast is my office/studio....

When I'm working on projects it does look like a beast not beautiful at all!!!!

But when its clean.........
Its a different story!!

Ive recently done some redecorating so I thought I would share with you the updates....

I wanted a canopy affect for the bed,

So I took two Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic lace curtain panels.... sewed them together at the ends...then took ribbon,

tied a bow around certain areas,

then just hooked it on a few nails strategically placed.

I pulled the lace panels to swag a bit.

I really love the affect..

In another house I did something similar and I used tiny grapevine wreaths to swag the fabric through.

I made these tea cup sconces I can light candles in them if I want.

I'm working on a few custom orders for these but will eventually have them available on my website

This vinyette is on the nightstand next to the bed......
I used the same Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic lace curtains on the windows but thought I needed a little more punch of color so I used pink curtains underneath the lace to make it pop a bit more.
Its still very soft though.
I love the 3 tiered glass shelf on the night stand.
I bought it while antiquing and it allows me to display more of my smalls very nicely, and make the most of the display space. Something I learned with my brick and mortar.
When your paying rent for a store you make the most of every square foot that you have.

I bought this clock in Connecticut at an antique mall. I had driven up there to go to this wonderful fabric store and took a little detour to this huge antique mall where I found some incredible treasures, this being one of the best!!!

In the softest pinks and blues my favorite color combo!!!

The Lamp shade I made,
I have had this lamp..... well my husband had this lamp from his single days,
I found it packed away and said where did you get this!!!!!!
He said 'that ugly thing!!!"
I said this isn't ugly I love this... anyway to make a long story short,
Ive been waiting to find the right lamp shade for it and finally decided to make one.......

I used this beautiful ribbon and flower garland that I purchased from Holly at then I wrapped it around adding more flowers and a vintage hankie embellished with vintage pearls and beads that I sell on my

I love the way it turned out and will do some more perhaps for my website.

This is another angle of the room,
its to the left of the bed.
do you recognize the mosaic mirror????
that was suppose to be in the bathroom redo but I ran out of room in there. so I am using it in here.
I collect fenton amongst other things.
Notice the figurine lamp I converted into a tea cup candle sconce.....
I can put a little tea light or votive in there. I will be making some of these for the website as well.

So that's it...

sometimes a beauty sometimes a beast but I love it regardless!

I will show you the other side of the room in a future post.

stay tuned....

same bat channel!!!