Monday, May 25, 2009


Well girls I have some more before and
after pictures of my kitchen redo!

I know its going slow but after over a
year in the making its getting there!
Its still a work in progress and
I will eventually show
whole room pics after it is all done,
but for now ill just focus on areas that
Ive been working on.

So here we go.....
This first shot is of the dining area in my kitchen...
you can see the old pink
wallpaper in the background
and in this shot I have begun
adding the new wallpaper.

This shot is of the corner pretty much before I started...
I know what your thinking.....

your thinking that the fabric on
those settees is rather ugly!!!
and I have to agree!

I bought them like that with the
intentions of having them recovered.

I like the shape, style and size of
them for the corner,
and of course the price was right:))))

I bought them at Marshall's Home Goods
one of my favorite stores!!!

I had slipcovers made for them,
Changed the mirror above,
I am temporarily borrowing the mirror
below from my friend Ruthebelle,

It was down in her basement
not being used so I took it
home to try out, and then
I painted and hung it up
Im thinking she is going to have
a hard time getting it back from me...giggles...
Hope she isnt reading this :P
Here is a shot with the wallpaper done
mirror hung and slipcovers made
and on the settees.....

Here is a full version of the settee before...
If I lived in Florida it might be considered pretty....

But I'm sure you will agree the after
picture is soooo much more scrumptious!!

I had slipcovers made so that I can wash
them easily since these are in the
kitchen and we will use them alot.
I washed and dried the fabric
before I had them made.

Notice the beautiful lace and
chiffon ruffles I had made for the pillows.
Beautiful yet not practical at all!!! :((((((

If these settee's weren't going to be
used often then these would be fine,
but since we sit here every day
they are not going to work!!!!
So these will have to go in
my living room and Ill will have my
magnificent pillow lady Michelle
make smaller square throw pillows.
This will make it easier to sit
down and get in and out of the settees.
I had Michelle take this wonderful lace that looks
like vintage french net and stagger
the layers for a double ruffle.
Then I had her add a pink chiffon ruffle
behind it to give the lace some
color and a little more weight.

I'm very happy with the end results.

Now on to the other side of the kitchen
in particular my stove and
back splash area......
This is the before shot.....
Isn't it something how you get used to
seeing something every day
and you forget how ugly
it really is....giggles....

Now looking at these pictures I'm
thinking to myself....
'what was I thinking???
what took me so long to beautify that area????
In a second I'm going to show
you what I had made for the new back splash.
You've heard me speak about Nancy
the incredibly talented mosaic artist from
Well in my opinion she is the greatest
mosaic artist ever!!!!!

I love everything she does!!
I was thinking of what to do
for a back splash... at first I
was considering subway tile or bead board...
then I thought why not have Nancy
make a back splash like she would cover
one of her table tops but put it
on a board for me that I can hang.
I asked her if she could and
to my delight she agreed!!!

Here is Nancy on the right in the white
when we finally got to meet in person.
I'm on the left, then my friend Ruthebelle and
friend Trish whose home is the
current jewel of the month.
Trish had bought several pieces from
Nancy and she drove about 4 hours
to deliver them and so we could meet.
She is such a doll and we had such fun that day!!
When she brought in the furniture
we were deciding where to put the pieces
and the next thing you knew we were
all rearranging Trish's
family room pulling out accessories etc....
it was so funny we just met and
this was how we spent our time together
but we all enjoyed it so much...
To us it wasnt work it was entertainment!
Since we all love to do things like
that so it didn't seem odd to us.
anyway back to my back splash.......
here is another before shot of the area....
Now the after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it incredible!!!
Truly a work of art!
Some people spend there money on
artwork from Monet, Picasso or???
to me Id rather spend my money on this!
An original piece of artwork from Nancy.
She has such a way of arranging her
china that her work cant compare with many.
Everyday as I cook I can look at this beautiful piece full of the finest
antique china I could find for it.
You should really take a look at Nancy's website.
Perhaps you can own one of her pieces of art!
Now my last delima.....
Do you like the green tea kettle or the pink????
Let me know what you think,
and stay posted to my website, Ive been working on new treasures
and hope to list soon.
and of course will be working on the kitchen more so stay tuned for updates on that as well.