Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bathroom Sneak Peek!

Well this bathroom thing is taking me much longer than I expected!
Between vacationing up in New England, having my niece here visiting from California,
as well as working on special orders for customers im moving much slower than planned.
I always think something is going to take me less time than it does.
I am always doing a million things at any given moment but I actually dont multi task well!
Im constantly asking my husband what was I suppose to be doing?????...hee hee
Id be lost without him!!!!
anyway many of you have been emailing me asking for photos of the bathroom so im giving you a sneak peek since you have all been so patient.
Im still working on it and hope to be finished by the end of this week,
if all goes well.....
but untill then here are a couple of shots to peak your interest!
Im only showing you a little so as not to spoil the surprise,
but as you can expect its going to be very pink and froo froo.....
and also display some of my favorite things like a chocolate pot or two!
You never heard of a chocolate pot in a bathroom?????
My line of thinking and justifacation is that while im taking a hot relaxing bubble bath with candles luminating I could have a hot cup of coco while soaking! :)))
Hey! It could happen......:P
and thats the story if anyone asks WHY???????

Stay tuned!

same bat channel.....same bat channel!



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good things comes to those who wait!!!

Soooo sorry to keep you girls waiting about the bathroom redo!
I have so much to tell you!!!!!!
But the majority will have to wait because im on vacation up in Maine right now.
I dont have alot of access to a computer.
But to give you a tidbit of info of what going on here's the story.......
Started the bathroom....
Of course nothing went as planned!!!!!
Only got a small section painted and the shower curtain made.
Hubbie was coming home at a time I would be gone so I left a note on the door of the bathroom saying...
"Remember you said you would love me for better or for worse!"
I didnt hear anything from him untill a couple of hours later when he text me on my cell phone saying he was at costco,
I texted him back saying "okie dokie and by the way I love you your the man of my dream :)))))).....and dont spend to much money!
(he has a tendancy to go alittle hog wild in costco and grocery stores hee hee.
He then replied" Ill only spend enough to help me recover from pink bathrooms!!!!!
I had to laugh and knew he was doing the same!
I went fishing for a compliment and asked "do you still love me????
He answered "Now and always!'
I tell ya he is such a sweetie and good sport, there is little he ever gets upset about.
So by now your guessing I did a pink bathroom. but actually youll still have to wait and find out.
Im not happy with the pink I chose and am considering painting it blue now.
but I may try another shade of pink first.

Hang in there girls! the conclusion is coming soon!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hmmmmm...Which is it?????

She Loves Pink.........

She Loves it not..........

She Loves blue............

She loves it not..........
From the clues in this picture can you tell what color scheme Ive chosen to go with for my bathroom???
Lets seee...... Blue Crystals?? so it must be the blue????
But wait Pink crystals and pink in the background must be the pink?????
But then again maybe I'm going with the pink and blue combo??????
......Hee Hee.......
I guess you ll just have to wait and see!!! ( imagine sound of evil maniacal laughter while rubbing hands together)
I'm going to have to start working on it soon before my Hubie reads my blog and discovers what I'm up to!!
I asked him the other day...."have you read my blog?"
He replied ".... No.....why did you get another ticket"
Now my first response was'......." What!!!!! you haven't read my blog??????
How can I expect the masses to read it if my own husband doesn't take the time to read it!!
I then instructed him that he must start reading it.... every day!
even if I havent posted anything new
but I said looking with a guilty face..... dont start yet!....
I forbid him under any circumstances to read my blog until further notice!!!!!!!!!!
Only when I give him the OK si I expect him to bookmark and read it .......
even if I haven't written any updates.....
In which case im sure after these strict instructions NOT to read it he will now go to check it out later to see what im up too!! :P
so I suppose I better get busy........
I'm off now to buy my decorating supplies for the bathroom!
will be blogging soon with after pictures.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Decorating Delima!!!

To Do or Not to Do that is my question!!

I'm feeling a little unsure about what to do with my bathroom.

I'm trying to do a simple cosmetic redo......

nothing structural since we gutted most of the bathroom 8 years ago and we are in the middle of a kitchen redo so I don't want to give the hubby a coronary when he discovers what I am up to!!!!

He likes the room and I did too but you girls know how it is we women need to change, update and spruce up.

Our homes are rarely ever really done!

So Here's my plan.........

Ill keep it simple...... just paint and decor.....

I can do it one day while he is at work..... when he comes home ill tell him I have a surprise for him and to close his eyes!

Then while he may be dreaming a Mercedes in the driveway or something like that...... Oh wait that's my dream!!!!

Hmmmm what would be a surprise for him??? I got it!!!! a home cooked meal in the hot summer!!!!!

yeah thats it!!!!

He will be expecting dinner but instead...........

I will make the big reveal!!!!

SURPRISE!!!! Our new pink and blue Bathroom!!!

Can you imagine the look on his face!!!! How could he be disappointed!!!!!

He will be sooooo amazed and happy with the way it turned out he will forget all about not getting a home cooked meal, Mercedes in the driveway or anything else that might have been going on in his innocent head!

How does that sound????

Good you say???

Great!!! cause that's the plan I'm going with!

I may even cook that meal..... a hearty pot roast in the middle of summer to sweeten the deal and ensure he is happy!!

Now here is my dilema....

I want to do the bathroom in a pink and blue color scheme because its my favorite color combination so I have several options to choose from...... I need your help.....

Option 1.......

Option 1 is a Rachel Ashwell British rose fabric as the shower curtain and soft blue paint.

I hung the solid blue fabric next to it for you to visualize........

Now Option 2........

Option 2 is Rachel Aswell British Rose shower curtain with pink walls.... again the pink fabric for visual purposes........

Finally Option 3..........

Option 3 is Rachel Ashwell Rosalie shower curtain with pink paint on the walls...

Please leave a comment or email me and tell me what your favorite Option is 1,2 or 3 and which direction I should go in, since I have to do this quick and I have no room for error it has to look stunning the first time when hubby comes home!!

Here are some of the accessories that will be in the room that I just purchased...

I love this mosaic mirror I got it in a trade deal that I often do with a friend of mine.

This pink piece is and old dresser that was married together with a top of something???? found on the side of the road, a friend painted it the softest shade of pink.

I had it in my store for display but brought it home I love it!!!!

Of course it will be chauchkie upped when I'm done..... Now here is the biggest delima of all!!!!!

I told you that I have wallpaper on the walls that I put up 8 years ago.

I put it on top of wallpaper(I know forgive me for I have sinned!)

but the walls were damaged and at the time we couldn't put up new sheet rock so I just covered it and it did the job at the time..

but I still cant put up new sheet rock the kitchen is the priority right now! and I want this to be as quick and painless as possible so should I................dare I say it...........

you no what I'm thinking!!!!!

But I'm afraid to speak it less I commit the unforgivable sin in decorating!!!

But I'm thinking of painting over the wallpaper!!!!

There its out there! !!! I said it!!!

I know!!!

Don't scold or think any less of me but I have seen it done and it doesn't always look HORRIFFIC....Does it???

Here is my line of defense......

I have very little wall space most is broken up by windows, bathtub, mirrors, furniture, laundry room door, bathroom door. and by the time I hang all my other chautckies and things very little of the painted wallpaper will be seen!!

I was going to re wallpaper but I don't want to go to the expense if I can avoid it (remember I'm trying not to become a divorced woman!)

So tell me what you think, Ive never done it before so I'm not sure if it will look really awful so if you think I shouldn't do it I wont. (well maybe I wont Ive been known to buck the system!)

but ill try to listen to your advice....I think.... :P

Dont forget to tell me your option for fabric and paint combos!

One last thing I just listed a new jewel of the month and its a beauty!!

The beautiful home is owned by Beth a very talented woman, it reflects her feminine and elegant taste and I know you will love it...

To see more click here http://www.mylulabelles.com/ and go to Jewel of the month!