Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can you believe this!!!!

I tell you!!! ...........this guy is tooo much!!!!
He really thinks he is human and as such entitled to all the
privileges one would expect as a human!
For those of you new to my site this is my love able pug 'Pugsie"......... aka...Chancho, piggie boy, gordo, fat boy or simply as The Pug!

He has a ferocious appetite especially when he is on steroids for his allergies.....

so he is always on the prowl for food...

we can not leave anything unattended other wise he will get into it.

these shots are of him desperately wanting the left overs on the plates from dinner,

but I was keeping one eye on him at all time...

He knew it and was trying to wait me out!!!!!

Eventually he fell asleep in this position!!!

He eventually woke up but I had removed all the tempting treats...
I suppose he refused to accept that everything was gone so had the nerve to actually get up on the table to be sure nothing was left!!!!

Doesn't he look so pathetic!! Poor baby!!!!

Now if this were the Lassie show and we had to try to interpet what the Pug was trying to tell us here I would say he was saying "Mom.... I need my ears cleaned!!!

(that's a box of q-tips he is laying his head on!)

Here he is trying to get my ice coffee!!!!

Here he is waitng for dinner to be served!!!!

I'm telling you these pictures are not staged!!
He gets in these positions all on his own!

But he is not all trouble!!! he actually has a spiritual side.... Here he is praying that I let him eat dinner with us!!!

And here he is doing his Bible reading with the Family!!! Such a good pug!!

Now to change directions a bit but not too much the Pug is still part of this......

What your about to see now is classified information!!

The scene is the top secret location of my fabulous office where all the magic begins and all my creating happens!!

and its a rare glimps of my creating space that not many eyes are privy to. and the following pictures will tell you why!!

Right now though its not looking so fabulous!

When I'm working I pull everything out and as a result looks like this!!!!

There is not an open space in sight and poor Pugsie
(because he has to be by my side every minute of the day)
actually got into and fell asleep on a box of my vintage fabrics!!!!!

But how could I get upset at him! Look at that face!!!

Since I am usually always working unfortunately my office looks like this alot!!

Thank goodness for whoever created doors!! this one is shut alot!!...hee hee...

This is one of the projects I was working on.... a vintage hankie phone and address book!

Complete with a little bling!!

Coming soon to

Now to update you all on my health issues.

I really appreciate all your emails sending your care and concern! Thank you so much!

I went to the doctor yesterday and got the blood test results and

I do have Lyme's Disease. Its back again!

So while I'm not happy I have Lyme's disease I am happy that its not worse and this can be treated.

I responded well to treatment last time so hopefully will again.

My thyroid is still not up to normal either so that is not helping my energy levels so he bumped up my medication for that.

I'm also very low on vitamin D so I need a supplement for that.

Still checking out a few other female issues but other than that if all goes well with the Lyme's treatment I should feel like my old self and running the streets again!!!!

Thank you again for all you emails! I really appreciate it!

From my family to yours comes lots of smiles and Hugs!!!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Im sorry..............

(These two photos from Jenn at Sweet Eye Candy Creations) I have to apologize.....
Ive been neglecting my blog lately and as a result I didn't give Jennifer my new Jewel of the month on my website
the proper representation she deserves!:(

First let me explain......
The mystery illness that hit me earlier in the year is back
We still don't no what were dealing with but right now I'm going under a battery of tests to figure it out....
Its possible its a Lyme's Disease Relapse or perhaps my on going thyroid issues that Ive been suffering from or ??????
but whatever it is, it has hit me hard again, so im taking it one day at a time right now.
Now that being said, you now no why I'm not on top of things right now.
but I feel bad mostly as I said for Jennifer because her home is so beautiful and deserves to be seen and recognized!
Not only is her home wonderful but so is her blog and website
Jenn has some of the most fun and whimsical designs.
Her things just make you smile, I posted a couple pictures of her work at the top of this post.
She uses a little bit of whimsy, vintage, feminine, sweet, and puts them all together to create little works of art anyone would love to have.
She takes special orders to make things more unique and personal to you in fact she is working on one for me!!!!!
To see what I mean you have to take a look at her site, you will fall in love.

Here are a few shots of her home......

These are shots of her dining room, which was featured in Romantic Homes magazine.

This is part of her kitchen..... I love the bench!!!!
This is the beautiful Jennifer with the new addition to her family!!!
You must go see more of her home its just lovely!

Go to my website and click on the JEWEL OF THE MONTH

Now on to my latest project from the Sweet Six online Art Retreat,

I find doing my little projects therapeutic and haven't been able tokeep up and do all of the projects from the retreat but this one I couldn't resist because it was working with some of my favorite things....

Vintage hankies, vintage millinery and flowers.
I added several layers of hankies on top of each other for extra detail.....
I love the little bird at the end, I bought it from Heather at

Isn't she sweet!!! I just ordered another one to put at the other end.
The whole design is called a bunting though I have no idea why its called that,

Ive been meaning to ask Heather .......

Maybe you know why????

I posted a full shot of it at the very top of this post I tried to cut and paste it to move it down here but had no success.

My Sweet Connie I need you agian!!!! (update my sweet chickadee Connie did it for me! thanks again sweetie!!!)

Well that's it for today,

hope you go check out Jenn's home you'll be glad you did!

I hope to post more new items on my website, wish I could tell you when but right now just taking one day at a time, so the best I can tell ya is to stay posted.....

same bat channel! :)



Friday, September 12, 2008

This just in..Update.. I was going to save the world today.......

I was going to save the world today......... But........
Something glittery caught my eye!!!!!

Shop update............I just finished listing some wonderful treasures on my website www.mylulabelles.comHere is a sampling of a few.....

This is my Marie Antoinette Belle.
I love the way she turned out.....

I had found this image of Marie Antoinette and had someone duplicate it on fabric for me but it could only be done in a small size otherwise we would loose image quality.

I had to make her small to make up I made a lace mat of sorts to frame her out.

I gathered lace and added it around the edge.

I also listed a few new vintage jeweled picture frames........
And if your looking for beautiful office supplies check out the vintage millinery phone and address books I designed as well as cordinating flower writing pens!

Your desk will never look so good!!!!

Also I posted a new jewel of the month.......

The new Jewel of the month comes to us all the way from Macon Georgia,I
ts Jennifer Hayslip's beautiful home.
Jennifers home has been featured twice in Romantic Homes magazine, as well as a special feature of her daughters room in their Romantic Bedroom and bath issue currently on newstands.
As long as she can remember she has loved all things vintage and old,she considers herself and old soul....
Jennifer has followed her grandmothers footsteps and is currently a borard member for the Macon Historic Preservation society.
In her earlier years Jennifer loved Victorian but after awhile found it took dark, stuffy and fomral.
Her look evolved and she now has developed a mix of shabby chic vintage with a touch victorian.
She enjoys the lighter relaxed feel of this style.
Jennifer also has developed a website in which she designs the most beautiful whimsical and sweet items thay just make you smile!!
also visit her blog its always so much fun and a real treat at....
but first check out her beautiful home photos at
just go to "Jewel of the Month feature"
that it for now! enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ok Girls dont Laugh!!!

What your about to see is a little over the top!
Ok maybe a lot over the top!!
But regardless I like it!!!!
Its my interpretation of the bath salt bottle project that Natasha Burns gave all of us students on the Sweet Six Online Art Retreat..
ill talk more about this retreat in a minute but first here she is!!!!
My Marie Antoinette Bottle!!

When I was working on her it just took on a life all its own...
it started taking on the look of a ball gown like I felt Marie Antoinette would wear......

I was in a creative coma when the Marie Antoinette project craze was going around so now I'm catching up for lost time and doing Marie Bling!!

The online art retreat is a lot of fun....

It is being put on by a group of 6 of the most talented and creative ladies....Holly Abston, Natasha Burns, Cheryl Dack, Jennifer Hayslip, Heather Kowalski and Analise Sledd.....

thus the name Sweet Six...

the retreat is for one month we get 3 projects a week to create and make our own.

at first I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I am, but I have

found it very enjoyable and challenging.....

Its not that the projects are too difficult its just that it forces you to come out of your comfort zone and do something or try something you normally wouldn't do.

The Picture above is of my interpretation of the the most precious little lantern project that Heather from Pretty Petals designed for the retreat.

I was able to pull out all my vintage millinery and create a little fluff to add to the rest of my froofe in my house...hee hee..

As you know I'm big on fluff and froofe.....

I hung a vintage crystal from the bottom to catch the light.. I have it hanging from the chandelier in my office,

I'm also big on sparkly shinny objects :)

I cant wait to see the other projects were assigned to do for the rest of the month
The retreat goes through the end of September.

I had one last summer hurrah when my brother came to visit for just 2 days but it was so nice to see him and tease that lovable lug!!

He drove up from Washington DC where his fiance and him were dropping off her son for college at John Hopkins University and getting him set up in his apartment.
This is his 4th year and he will graduate early with a masters degree...
talking about smart genes..... he's got them!!!

My brother has a work conference in NY so was able to stop off for a few days to catch up a bit with his YOUNGER sis!

It was short but still had a lot of razzing each other time to get our fixes!!!!

I will be posting some wonderful new treasures in the next few days on the

and will be sending out a newsletter, also I will be posting a new Jewel of the Month a real beauty!!!

so stay tuned.....same bat channel!!!