Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Intollerable Working Conditions?

I often get asked when I will be listing new items on the website.

At times I am good about getting things listed but at other times it seems to take me a while. I just thought I would show you one of the reasons why at times it takes me a while to list.

First I will admit that my biggest obstacle is the computer illiteracy that many of you know that I suffer from, in addition to struggling in front of a computer trying to remember how to add a category, edit a page or simply try to figure out what a tool bar is :P (Sherry and Chris you know what I mean)
I also have to do all of this while my 40 pound Pug tries to work his way into my lap!

It seems that he feels I am his personal bed,
The minute I sit down he has bionic hearing and radar which sends him running so that he can jump up on me. I have never seen such a chubby Pug move so fast!
He doesn't care if there are obstacles for him to overcome if there is a way up he will find it.
The particular night these shots were taken I pulled my chair close up to the computer so he couldn't get in front of me, but he managed to wiggle under the chair and climb on top of the printer at my feet, he then just whimpered and looked at me with these sad pitiful eyes that no one could resist.
The rest is history as the photos show.
I let him up on my lap, gave him a pillow to rest his head on so he could fall into a deep sleep and snore louder than my husband claims I do, ( Something I insist is a figment of my husbands imagination.) :P
He was happy and so was I after all how could anyone not love his sweet personality and adorable face. Pugsie makes my heart melt.
I did manage to get some work done that night, but next time you may be wondering 'when is she going to list some new things?'
just remember these photos!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Big Brother

Today my brother and I were talking about our lives, the successes and the mistakes we have made, something he said made my heart sad. But first let me me tell you a little about my big brother Ed.

Ed is one of the hardest working, kind hearted, loyal persons I know. He is full of laughter and has a great sense of humor. When his 3 children were young he worked 2 or more jobs to make ends meet. I often felt inadequate compared to what I felt he had accomplished, I have always wondered if I could do what he did. So it surprised me that he felt like he hadn't accomplished much and was down on himself because he feels he makes the same mistakes over and over again. It hurt my heart that he felt that way, I want him to know all the good he has accomplished in his life. We all make mistakes.

To lighten things up I told him this saying which is one of my favorite sayings and I actually read it on the back of a sugar packet in a Chinese restaurant,

but I still found it very profound. :)

It said "It is better to have tried and failed then to never have tried at all"

So simple but so true.

There have been so many times I have not done something because I was afraid of failing, What if I don't succeed, what if I make a fool of myself, what if......

but I realize its not failing that we should be afraid of, its not trying at all, that's where the failure is!

All we can do in life is try, try to make changes, try not to hurt one another, try to do what is right. We will fail sometimes and often repeat mistakes, after all some habits die hard, but the important thing is that we try. The effort we make will be recognized by others and that effort will say something about who we are.

I'm sure I will make more mistakes in my life and when I do I will recall that famous proverbial saying on the back of that sugar packet, then I will go and recall another one of my favorite sayings which is " Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It!"

Caution Mad Scientist at Work

Ive been working on getting more of my vintage jeweled picture frames that I design for my website out and listed as well as designing some other projects that will be coming soon, but as I was working I had to stop and chuckle, I began to think about images of peaceful, creative artists in the country side painting on the top of a hill over looking a river or forest, and I thought to myself this scene does not capture my work enviorment!
My work area looks more like a Mad Scientist at Work!
Not only do I have my office turned upside down but I have moved to the kitchen table and made it impossible to have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. My family is eating their meals in front of the teli which I don't think they really mind.
I have tried and tried to be more organized when I work but it never happens. I need the controlled ciaos when I'm designing. I used to weep and tell my husband that I don't know why I cant be more organized! But then I read this article that changed my life......
It said that creative people tend to be very unorganized. It was that whole right brain left brain scenario. Alas! I had an explanation to why I was the way I was, and rather than investigating to see if the article is really true I have decided to accept this explanation and live in peace. I'm not disorganized I'm just well at least that's the story I'm sticking to when ever my husband looks at me with a raised eyebrow while I'm working. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Pug

Here is the pug in all his glory, I know he looks like I posed him on the chair but he got in this position all on his own. As most of you know he gets into the most hysterical positions.
This is only the first of many photos to come of my baby.

15 Minutes of Fame

A couple of weeks ago while driving up to Canada I started flipping through the December issue of Romantic Homes magazine, I stopped on page 7 it had the cutest picture of a Pug laying amongst beautiful pink rose fabric and I thought to myself 'oh how cute that looks just like Pugsie' then I realized it was Pugsie! I noticed a picture of my living room above it then part of a letter I had written to the editors.

I couldnt believe it!

I finally made the pages of Romantic Homes magazine! Even it was only a letter to the editor and not a full feature spread at least I can say I made it

I had sent those pictures and letter to them a long time ago, and had forgotten that I had sent them. So it was a total surprise, But what a nice surprise it was.
I tried calling my partner in crime Ruth who never ever answers her phone! So I don't no why I bothered :) I called my mother, no answer, my brother no answer, Sheri, no answer, anyone I thought would care, no answer. So I had to share my excitement with the hubby, he was in the van with me so he had to hear me say over and over again "I cant believe it! " but since he is my biggest fan and supporter and was really happy for me :)

It was my 15 minutes of fame or at least Pugsie's :P

My First Blog!

Im so excited to be starting my latest attempt in modern technology, creating this blog!

Until last year when I started my web site, my computer skills consisted of being able to turn a computer on and doing a search. Learning my website nearly caused me to have a meltdown, but thanks to Lyndsay at Shabby Suite who patiently walked me through everything and even taught me a few things about computer lingo, I can now download, upload, and even backload, (is that a term? help Lyndsay :)
I will use this blog to keep you informed on whats new at the shop, website, my life and last but not least to keep sharing with you my famous pug pictures staring the pug love of my life "Pugsie"
Hope you stop by often,