Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eye Candy!

MTV Cribs: Pam Anderson
Video sent by MTV

Its been a really crazy week for me!

Filled with chizziling concrete in the

HOT BURNING other unspeakable horrors that

I will whine about, oops... I mean blog about in a future post! :)

my fingers are chizzled to the bone and I cant move right now or even type.

So this will be short but sweet post .... full of sweet eye candy!

If you havent seen it yet click on the link to see Pamela Andersons gorgeous home!

You will love it!



Visit the official site
MTV Cribs get's a V.I.P. pass into the ultra-glamorous home of Pam Anderson
© 2008 MTV Networks

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here comes the bride...........

Isn't it funny how going to a beautiful wedding makes you want to do it all over again?
The Gowns, flowers and romance of it all.
Its how being around a newborn..... smelling the Johnsons baby lotion..... looking at their little fingers and holding them so close reminds you of the beautiful precious moments when yours were little.
It Just makes you want to have another baby!!!!!!
( that screaming you hear right now is my mother jumping up and down with joy in California!)

Being around my little niece has certainly put the bug in me!!!!!
(that thump you just heard is the sound of my husband fainting on the floor)

But in this post I don't have any announcements to make!
Sadly my baby days are over......
Ill just count my blessings for my 2 handsome boys and wait for grandchildren.
(Which by the way Brandon if your reading this I can wait a bit longer for!!!!!)

So since I cant have anymore babies and I'm not getting married again.......
I have found the love of my life.....
I have to find other ways to capture the moments that those blessed events bring.
Beginning with indulging my little niece that was just born with the fru fruiest things I can find.......... and I can create and design these beautiful dress forms......dolling them up to the nines!!
(whatever does that mean???)

Ive done many of these in different sizes and styles but this one was a custom order for a customer. She requested a bride.
I added vintage pearls to the bottom of the dress for added detail and pizazz!!
I really wanted to keep her!!!!
as I do with most of my designs, I put my heart and soul into all my projects......
I don't skimp or short cut.....
I use the most beautiful vintage materials and make my things as if they were for me and staying in my home.
( which is why I'm never going to become a millionaire in this business and my husband should keep his day job! hee hee)
I really want my customers to get something that is really special and truly be an heirloom piece for their family.

As I said It is hard to let them go because my work takes on a little part of me....

but when I get all your beautiful emails telling me how much you love what Ive designed for you then I'm happy I did.

I know that the little part of me is in a good home and well loved...... and I suppose that's why any of us doing what we do, we just want to share what we love!!



Friday, June 20, 2008

My 15 Minutes.......

I'm sooo excited!!
And I just cant hide it!!!!
(Sounds like I'm getting ready to break out into a Pointer Sisters song......)

That's because my art was finally published in a national magazine!!!!
and not just any magazine but one of my favorite magazines Romantic Country!
Its my 15 minutes of fame!

When I first started making my vintage jeweled frames about 20 years ago it was just a little hobby something I did for myself and friends.
Then people kept saying you should make these and sell them!!

I thought to myself 'I love them but will anyone else really want to pay money for them?????
One day I had an opportunity to open a little shop with a friend...
Here was my chance...

So I took the plunge!!!
In the beginning I got mixed responses to my frames,
the reaction was either "oh my those are soo beautiful or oh my how gaudie!" hee hee

I grew a little thicker skin and realized that my frames arent for everyone,
and I also realized that I didn't need every ones approval either!!

I started developing a following and people came to my store looking for what new items I had created.
I expanded my shop to include furniture and home decor and then decide to go online to find an even wider market for my frames....

Then about 6 months ago Fifi O'Neill editor of Romantic Country emailed me and said she would like to do a feature on my beautiful frames!!! (her words :)

I couldn't believe it! Me!!! ..... she wants to feature me!!!!!
I felt like I was dreaming and would soon wake up to realize it was only a dream.

but this time it wasn't.....
this time my dream came true!

When I saw the feature in the magazine for the first time
(thanks to Cathy from Treasured Heirlooms)
it was at that moment in time that it hit me ............
I'm a real artist!

I think I must have felt, what most struggling artist feel when they are finally recognized for the first time as someone with something worthwhile to offer the world,
Its at that time that you finally feel legitimate....

But don't worry even though its nice to be taken seriously, I wont ever take myself so serious or get such a big head as Ive seen many often do.
Some think they are the only ones with any talent and everyone elses work is trash!
I dont ever want to be like that.

I realize that their are so many talented people out there waiting for their moment to shine and they will be next....they will have their time and perhaps ill move on to other things....
but for now ill continue to make fun of myself and my life my mistakes and successes and especially tease my hunkie brother Ed.......

but for an instant.........for a few moments........... its nice to sit back and have someone say nice job!

I really want to Thank you for all your support, emails and comments of congratulations it really means a lot!

smiles and hugs,

Heres a peak at some of my new listings and soon to come listings...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beautiful Girls!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beautiful Girls!

Hunkie Brothers.......
Beautiful Girls.......
and The Pug!
Today's post will have it all.........
well except the hunkie brother that was just a teaser...............

though some hunkier photos of my brother will be coming I did promise him....
lets just say I paid him off....(you girls no my delima!!!!!):P

It did occur to me though that though you have seen alot of my family you haven't seen one of the most special girls in my life.....
and that is my Babygirl....
she is the beauty part of the beauty and the beast duo that rule our house
(Pug is feeling a little down because he has to share the limelight today)

Babygirl can be a real tuffie...... and the Pug often is put in his place by her....
Then.... she can on a moments , be as sweet as pie.......
She has my husband completely wrapped around her little finger....
When my husband comes in the door she goes right to him rolling all over his feet waiting for a belly rub..... and all the odes to baby girl start....
I told my husband "How come I don't get that kind of hello when you come home?"
He said "because you dont throw yourself at my feet and let me scratch your belly when I come home" hee hee
Ive decided to be happy with a hug and a kiss!!!!!!!!

Here she is just from the beauty parlor..............

It was her first haircut... my husband stayed with her the whole time to hold her while they groomed her because he didn't want her to be scared she has a very sensitive side.............
Isn't her bob adorable!!!!!!

I always loved bobs but have decided they are not the best cut for me,

I did get one and thought I liked it until I came home all excited I said "Honey how do you like my haircut?"

Anxiously waiting his reply hoping he would say oh you look so young.... exotic....or beautiful......

He replied....."oh I like it..... you look like a newscaster!"

I said What?????? a newscaster????? not you look so chic??? your gorgeous....You look 10 years younger.... you never looked so good.....but I look like a newscaster???

It wasn't exactly the reply I was looking for......

anyway my poor hubbie has since learned that when I ask him how do you like it? he saids beautiful I love it!!!!!.hee hee....

what we put our poor husbands through!

Enough about me, Now its time to show you more of my beautiful girls.........

Here is my new beautiful niece Angelina...... she is just a little doll...........I was able to spend the afternoon with her and gave mom a little break.....poor mommy you no how it is in the beginning!!!! No sleep at all!!!!!

I dont look this good even with sleep!!!!! But I have one more thing to share with you......
here is the pug getting ready to introduce my new line of beautiful girls....
the latest in my vintage jeweled frame collection. Ive been working on a new set preparing for some special news that will be coming soon in regards to them!!!!

They will be listed soon on my website so stay tuned!!!!



Sunday, June 8, 2008

You Saved me so Jewels for everyone!!!!

Well Girls I think my brother is a happy man!!

All the ooogling and googling and the odes to Ed comments have calmed the savage beast!
His ego has been saved and he now truly believes he is a stud muffin!
It appears that im out of the woods.....
at least for now!!

Some of my relatives loved the blog posts so much they think I should do an Ed Blog....
All Ed... all the time ....
because we all have so much stuff on him! hee hee....
My sweet brother makes himself such an easy target he is just one of those loveable lugs you have to tease!
so the idea is very tempting!!!
I may have to keep it as my black mailing tool though to keep him in line just in case he really does figure out how to do a blog and post those pipi photos of me!

So now the time has come to pick a winner out of all the wonderful ladies who helped get me out of trouble.
I needed a trusted assistant for this job and as usuall the pug is always right there for me.
His tounge was the perfect device for picking a random name out of the box!!

But I did have to tempt him a little so I put his favorite treat cashews in the bowl......
He wanted them so bad but wasnt quite sure what to do, he didnt no if he should eat the paper or not.

finally he couldnt take it anymore and went for it....... along with the cashews came a few pieces of paper stuck to his tounge.....
I managed to pull one out before he swallowed everything......
and this was the lucky winner........(excuse the dog drool and chewed up cashews):P
Cindy from
Cindy has a great blog where she talks about her decorating and how to projects.

But she isnt the only winner today because im going to reward you all with featuring a new jewel of the month for June. So everyone gets jewels tonight!
Im a bit late because of so much going but as they say good things come to those who wait...

You are going to love Heathers home.
Heather from http://www.prettypetals.typepad/ is one of the most creative and talented girls Ive come acrossed in a long time.
She is simply incredible!!
I told her she finds ways of reinventing the wheel!
She brings new life to things we already use
for example.......we all have ribbons,
but Heather will take a ribbon hand dye it add sevral other layers of ribbons and create a work of art!

I bought this blue one from her its scrumptous!!

I love Heathers style and flair she inspires me and im one of her biggest fans!!!!

Heather describes her style in this way.........

"I absolutely love anything vintage and love to decorate my home with an eclectic mix of antiques.

The color blue, chippy paint, and roses are my weaknesses. You will find a lot of blue in my home and I love to mix it with a tiny bit of pink, lots of green and a bit of brown. This color palette is so soothing and warm to me and I often find myself choosing these colors without even thinking about it.

My Mom has always loved antiques and I have defiantly become my Mother's daughter in that respect.

I would go to shows with her and help her set up her booths.

One of my fondest memories was hanging up her linens on the racks that she had for display and admiring all of the pretty lace.

Now that I have children of my own, I love seeking out treasures for our home at antique shops and creating a pretty comfortable home for us without spending a fortune."

click on this link to see her beautiful home



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help!! Im in trouble Contest!!

This is an update on the brother story below!!!!
I just got a voice mail from my brother who is not amused at my posting his Urkle picture for the world to see.
He said he is going to open a website so he can have a blog.......
(poor baby he doesnt realize he doesnt need a website to have a blog :P
bless his little Urkilie heart!

He is going to dig out every pippi longstocking photo ( I did kinda look like her I went through an akward stage!!!)
every pig tailed, thumb sucking picture while wearing my little house on the prarie bonnet that there is.
(fortunately there are none hee hee...I hope :P
He saids its it payback time!!!
so the only thing that might save me is if you all leave a comment telling my stud muffin brother Ed what a cute little boy he was,and further more....what a hunk he grew in to!!!!!!
dont let me down girls!!!
otherwise im in big trouble!!
And to make it worth your while Im going to have a giveaway....everyone who enters a comment on this post telling ED how handsome he is ,will be entered into a drawing to win something really good.
They will win one of my vintage jeweled picture frames that I design and sell on my website.
this is it below.....beautiful dainty& scrolly frame embellished with vintage blue and pink stones.
couldnt you see a little baby picture in it?

So hurry girls and help me out before my brother starts a blog!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh Yes I Did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok maybe I didn't!!!!!!
It depends on who's perspective your looking from......
What am I talking about?
I'm referring to our camping trip down on the Jersey Shore this past weekend.
Did I camp or didn't I ??????

We almost didn't go because of the health issues Ive been having but since we weren't really camping..... camping I decided to go....
We stayed in deluxe cabins that had Television, AC, Full Bathroom and Kitchen, Living room,
separate bedroom, microwave etc etc.....
under those circumstances I felt I could handle it........

Now that's where my rugged, hiker, fisher, sleeps on the hard ground in tents brother's
perspective comes into play!

He insists that this is not camping at all but more like staying in a luxury hotel!!
He is not letting me live this down and refuses to acknowledge that I actually went camping!!

I told him this is the way the Northerners on the East Coast camp so as they say....
"When in Rome"......
and besides this was hardly a luxury hotel but I suppose in terms of camping conditions it was.
We were very comfortable and I layed really low resting alot around the campfire and the pool.
(oh did I forget to mention they had a pool?)

This is my brawny brother Ed.......
I know he is not looking real lumber jackish in this photo but he did grow up and loose that Urckle look and I had to post this picture just to razz him...hee hee...(I'm gonna get it now!!)

This is us together almost 2 years ago.....what a difference 35 years make!!
I didn't do my usual antique scavenging because I didn't have the umph!! but I did go to a couple stores that I always visit when I'm down that way....
If your ever down the Jersey Shore say perhaps visiting Atlantic City and your looking for a side trip while hubbie is doing his thing you should come a bit north to this town called Tuckerton NJ...

Its a cute coastal town that has some points of interest you will enjoy the first of which is......

This wonderful restored Victorian home that has been turned into a Tea room and gift shop.

Its called The Lizzie Rose...........

She doesn't have alot of antiques but she does have some beautiful things and some antiques that have been turned into treasures.
look at this mantle clock below made from an old teapot and creamer!
I thought these were very whimsical they are actually the shells of crabs that have been hand painted. I didn't buy one but now I wish I had.......
Right next store is another beautiful old Victorian house that has been restored to its full grander and glory!!!!
They did an amazing job and have converted it into a restaurant called Main Street......

We weren't able to go this time around but next time for sure!!!
I then went to this other group of shops right behind this called the Town Square......
and I bought this chandelier...... I thought it looked like a hot air balloon.......
The face of the shops look like an old vintage town and inside they have a co-op arrangement of booths and stores with everything from scrap booking supplies, shells, candy, Vera Bradley,

It was really a nice getaway and my little guy as usual didn't want to come home!!!

He loves vacation life.....

but I am glad to be home from my ruffing it camping trip as they say there is no place like home!!

Oh also im a little behind posting the new Jewel of the month for June but will have it up in a few days so stay tuned....