Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ive been tagged but not by the Pug!

As you can see this pug is not tagging anyone!

My little Chancho (thats little piggy boy in Spanish) is quite happy just laying in the window protecting my china (or at least taking a little snooze)
Its his favorite place to be if he is not in my lap.

He is going to be my poster boy for a new movement im calling "Pug Chic! "
Who needs shabby chic when a pug can make your room look like this adoreable!
Now im sure your thinking......... 'This dog needs to be on a diet!!!!!!
Believe me we do try, but its so hard to resist a face like his....
besides its not entirely his or our fault he has very bad allergies so he has to be on steroids alot and that makes him gain weight.
But now that the weather is getting better up here were going for walks to see if we can help him (and me) shed a few pounds :P

So now your thinking (or maybe not) whats all this talk about pugs not tagging???

what is Lu Lu talking about??..........Well.......................

From Debbie at Purpleflowerfairy,

and its kinda a" your it" game done on computers that requires that I now have to reveal tidbits of trivia about myself.

so for better or for worse here goes.........
1. Name 2 scrapbook topics I would like to do........Well I don't scrapbook so I have to say NONE!

2. Name the 2 best places you have ever been to...... Brazil and Argentina Iguassu Falls they are the second largest waterfalls in the world, set in a tropical jungle setting they were gorgeous! Also Hawaii, I went when I was a teenager and still have the memories implanted on my mind.

3. Name 2 things you do everyday..........Get my Dunkin donuts coffee, and always always put on mascara and lipstick, since I have blond lashes without it my eyes disappear and I always put on lipstick, my husabnd used to say where are you going I say no where just need my lipstick, he doesnt ask anymore he knows the routine. :)

4. Name 2 things pretty much everyone knows about you.......... I love Pink! I love antique shops.

5. Name 2 places I wish to visit........Paris....told my husband he has to take me there because I need to get real french perfume (ive almost got him convinced thats the only place I can get it)
and anywhere in Europe, preferably Italy or Spain.
6. 2 things you may not know about me.......
I I'm TERRIFIED of Spiders!!!!!!!!!..... even the smallest one sends me in a panic. I travel with a shoe in the car in case one shows up while I'm driving I can kill it quickly without having a car accident.
The other thing you may not know about me is I married a younger man.... Now before you start thinking...oooohhh go girl! its not that scandolous he is not too much younger only 3 years. but I had you going for a minute...:P

7. Name 2 nicknames you have had at some point in your life..... this most of you know......
Lu La Belle and Lu Lu were nicknames from my father. and Sissy from the rest of the family.
but not sissy as in you sissy girl( though I suppose that would have fit me I was always very sensitive.) but Sissy as in sister, I think its a southern term of endearment since my family is from the south.

8. Name 2 interesting jobs I have had in life (good or bad)........Well the worst job and I mean the WORST job I have ever had was working at Sears selling televisions and vcr's!!!!!!!!!!!
The money was pretty good because we were on commission, but I loathed having to read and learn all those technical manuals, Why in the world would I want to know the hundreds of functions of a remote control, or how to connect a tv to a vcr!!!!!! thats one of the fringe benefits of having a man around :P.....
It was pure agony for me and often let sales go to another sales person because I had no idea how to explain the product to the customer because I couldn't bring myself to read the manual...So needless to say that job didnt last too long.
Another interesting Job I had when I was young was cleaning houses....
Its unbelievable the way people live in such filth!

Coming from a home where I had a mother who was clean obsessed (you can eat off my mothers floors) the whole experience was an awakening to me to how others lived and never knew exisited.
9. What 2 fun things I do after work........ Well usually after a day at the shop im usually too tired to do anything but if on a rare occassion I do do something it would be to go shopping or meet my family or friends for dinner.

10. Name 2 things that you would like to learn......I have always wanted to paint, really paint..
I do little stuff here and there but Ive always wanted to learn more serious stuff like landscapes or roses like Catherine Risi my favorite!!!!
The other thing I would like to learn is a second language. Spanish, my husband is bilingual so I would love to talk to him in Spanish.

11. What are the last 2 things I have downloaded or cd bought.......... Phantom of the Opera and my little guy love to listen to it.
and Shania Twain Cd I love her...

13. What are 2 TV shows or movies from Childhood that I still enjoy watching after all these years....... Beverly Hillbillies and Get Smart I love comedies.

Well thats it I think ive covered it all. so now I have to tag 3 more women and here they are..

Cathy from Treasuredheirlooms
Heather from Pretty Petals
Christine from Extra Sprinkles
Ok Girls.......... Tag!.......... your it!!!!!!!!!


Monday, April 21, 2008

New Blog Banner

As you can see Ive had a little makeover.....

Nothing major just some tweaking and refining. Im hoping you like it....

I still have the lady I had before but now she is just embellished and surrounded by my favorite
elements........ pink roses and fluffy ruffles!!!!!!!!!

I really love the job that Susan over at Spring Street did on her.
Susan is such a sweet heart and such a pleasure to work with.
If your in the need of any website or blog graphics check her out.
She is super patient and believe me I know because I put her to the test :p

Ive also changed the name from Lu La's Place to Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles.
You know by now by reading this blog why the fluffy ruffles part,
but the Lu Lu's is actually another one of my nicknames that my father gave me growing up.

He called me lu la belle and lu lu (and remember the dreaded Birtha) I hated that name I actually hated all of them but now embrace the first 2....but im still trying to forget the Birtha one.
Note to any parents out there ......Do not give your teenage daughter the nickname Birtha it will scar her for life!!!!!!!!

Vintage beaded bookmarks.....

vintage hankies with vintage beads............
Ive also opened a SISTER shop to my website on Etsy
its called Fluffy Ruffles..............

Ive opened it as another marketing tool to find customers who love handmade vintage inspired items. My website is still relatively new and im happy with the response to my site but still looking for different avenues to promote my work. so check it out there are so many creative artist on Etsy youll really enjoy it.

Just listed some beautiful one of a kind yet affordable vintage jeweled bookmarks and hankies on my website and etsy.

hope you take a peek!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Show and Tell Sundays

Well its Sunday again so that means its time for............Show and Tell Sunday!
The girls over at flickr have decided to arrange this to give everyone an oppurtunity to share our favorite things with you every weekend.
This week the theme is vintage bling!
(You didnt know I had a little bit of poet in me did ya!) :P

This is a picture of my not so glamorous storage container for all my bling! I wish it were some sort of beautiful vintage cabinet but this really works for me because I can wheel it around to where ever im working!
To much of the shagrin of my husband who would prefer I keep my creating to my office and not all over the house.
(I know Ive shown you pictures of my creative process and it aint pretty :P

Here are some shots of the jewels I use......

I have a huge stash but still need more and Im always on the hunt,so that when I sit down to work I like to have lots to choose from.

Pinks are the favorites! But also lavendar hues gives a nice variation to the pink.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my bling(ah ha another ryhme :)

have a great day,



Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fluffy Ruffle Problems!

I have really been in a creative mode lately,

So you may be asking.....Whats The problem?

My problem is that...I have trouble letting my projects go!

I design and create things that I would personaly want to buy and keep so with that I put a little heart and soul in every project,

but then it just makes it harder for me to say goodbye to these things.

Case in point... these 2 lamps and the shades I made for them.

I bought the lamps at one of my favorite antique malls,

I just love the porcelin blue and white flowers soooooo pretty and romantic,

I made the shades using fluffy ruffle vintage fabric :) (you know why im smiling)

and then topping it with the sweetest pink velvet ribbon and trimmings They are sooo over the top sweet that im tempted to keep them!

I suppose you will have to check my website to see what I decided to do! :P



Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hankie Pankie

Don't you just love old hankies? Especially when they have the prettiest fluffy ruffle & lacey
borders.(aha! found a way to use my favorite words again)
You seldom find pretty new ones around anymore.
They are from a by gone era for the most part.

Today we have all kinds of disposable types that I have to admit are quite handy when you have a cold or allergy attack.(my little guy likes to roll them and stick them in his nose so he doesn't have to blow constantly,I know I know there must be some safety issue involved but so far so good and nothing has gotten stuck :P)

But I couldn't imagine using a disposable on a special event where you no there will be many happy tears such as a Wedding.
The occasion just calls for something really special!

There really is no need to settle when you can find so many pretty old ones at antique stores and flea markets.
I like to take mine a step further and embellish them with vintage beads and pearls.
take a look below of some ideas that I do with mine................

I hand sewed vintage beads to the ends of this hankie.

I then fluffed it up and placed it in a little teapot that had no lid.
I found this hankie that someone way back when had folded it in the prettiest way so that all the ruffled corners showed. It had some damage but I bought it anyway so I can learn how to fold it.

Tried putting 2 hankies in one little teapot.
this one had the pretties little pink flowers and green leafs embroidered on it.
Ooohhh this hankie is one of my favorites. it has the softest silhouettes of a man and lady on the 4 corners of the hankie. I also sewed beads on the end.

Then I decided to just put one hankie in each I think I prefer this the best. Other ideas I use hankies for is to place underneath a tea cup and saucer, I even use them to put under little figurines on a shelf to add more interest.
Just listed some beaded hankies on the website you might want to check them out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Room fit for a Pug!

I've had requests to see more photos of my home,
Thats not an easy thing to do because my house is still a work in progress.
When we bought it 8 years ago it was a cape cod cottage that needed to be completely gutted!

we have taken it room by room and are almost there, so Ive only in the past few years started to spend money on decorating, and I havent been able to decorate all the rooms fully,
some are done but others are partially done.
Im sure most of us can relate to that, how many of us have thousands of dollars all at once to decorate our homes. Most homes are gradually done and evolve in taste and style.

Im finishing up on my bedroom so I thought I would at least share with you some things ive done.
This first shot is of Pugsie, he really thinks this is his bed!

One more shot of him because he is sooooo cute!

this is the nightstand is on my side of the bed. I have no idea why I bought that night stand I think it was cheap at the time, but Its really not my style. I have a really pretty french piece that I bought in a soft creamy yellow that Im planning on moving here.

Catherines Risi beautiful hand painted mirror set in the background with more of my favorite pink roses that I sell in the store.
These are my soft yellow silk draperies that have tiny little pearls sewn all over them.I know your wondering what yellow??????? No pink???????
but when I saw this fabric I nearly fell over I loved it so much. and I thought for the master bedroom I would go alittle different I do love yellow as well.

I purchased the fabric through the silk trading company. If I had bought the curtains already made it would have cost me about 1600.00 dollars. Since I couldnt spend that I went to plan B they also sell silk fabric and this particular one was clearanced out for 25.00 a yard regular price was 80.00 they had exactly the amount I need left to make them so the whole project ended up costing me about 500.00
Im a sewer so it wasnt hard but this was my first time dealing with triple lining and that was a bit of a pain but the biggest pain was sewing around the little pearls, My needles kept breaking!
I almost felt like it would have been worth paying the full price and let them do it. but persistance paid off and I survived! though I do have a persistant twitch in my eye. :P
When they are all fluffed up to me they look like a beautiful ballgown! there is nothing like silk draperies to make a room feel and look so elegant.
Close up of the tiny pearls that nearly sent me to the insane assylum.
I still have one more window on the other side of the room to make curtains for and I have to admit I have been procrastinating because of those tiny pearls but I think I miss the eye twitch it gave me an exotic look so I think im ready to start them now.
Hopefully ill have more picutres to share with you soon.

Most of you may not know that I have done custom order curtains for customers so feel free to inquire.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Michal Negrin!

I recently came across this web site on designer/artist Michal Negrins designs and home,
If you love Roses and Romance then you will love it!

Its just gorgeous!

You must check out the video clip below of Michal beautiful home.
In case your not familar with Michal this is a little bio about her.

Michal Negrin has been creating Victorian inspired whimsical designs in jewelry, home décor and clothing for more than two decades.

Inspired by mixing the old and the new and color combinations, Michal Negrin personally designs every piece of jewelry, home décor and clothing that carries her name. She uses a variety of techniques to craft her pieces and believes in blending styles, schools, designs and colors to create her unique neo-Victorian and vintage style. Michal Negrin believes that when someone buys one of her creations, it is revered as an item to be enjoyed for a lifetime

Michal believes in giving women all over the world the right accessories to express their personality, strength and femininity.

Click on the link below to take you to the video,
youll love it!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fluffy Ruffles

I'm a real girly girl and cant get enough of poofie, froofie things.
( but believe me I do have my moments where I'm not so froofie)

I would love to have my whole house filled with things that have fluffy ruffles!
Don't you just love the way those 2 words sound?(Try saying fluffy ruffles three times fast :)

I think my love for all things pretty and pink started when I was young and I dyed my aunts white poodle pink. (don't worry the dog was fine but my aunt wasn't happy)

Since that time Ive always liked pretty things.

I always wanted a daughter to do all the girly things I always wanted to do, but ended up having 2 sons who I adore and will have to wait patiently for granddaughters(hopefully shes not a tomboy)
Until that time you all will have to be my guinea pigs (I mean that in the nicest of ways)

Ill take all my froofing out on you and hopefully make lots of things you'll adore.

My first item is the lamp shade above. Its not for sale because I made some mistakes on it but I have more of the materials so I'm going to do another one that I plan on putting on the website.

I made it from vintage little girls dress, vintage lace and millinery from an old hat.

So I hope you don't mind if I consider you the little girls I never had ( that does sound better than guinea pigs) and I will try to give you lots of beautiful things to adorn yourself and home with.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Must Confess!!!!!!!

Ok the gig is up!
You caught me!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no choice but to confess.....

Less all the sweet compliments you have been emailing me lately about how you love the website goes to my head I must tell you something!
I have a secret.......

Well not to my family they know all to well what the secret is that im about to tell you!

And thatis.... the secret is......................

I am a messy, messy artist!

Whew!!!! its out!
Seems Ive done it again..... spread my work to the kitchen table and as you can see its Chaos!

Dont ask me how I get work done but I seem to work at my best like this.
I pull everything out because im not sure what I want to use and I try different things to be sure its the best and before you no it I have the scene below...........

This is a Cinderella dress that im making out of a vintage hat. See the Pathmark water in the background... my favorite brand of water......

Working on special order lampshades so have all those supplies out as well. and also a custom pinkie belle for another customer.... more pathmark water...
The great hat I just bought on my last antiquing trip trying to decide if I want to take it apart.My Shabby chic file folder beneath the rubble holding favorite pictures..... and of course my water bottle!

My husband just walked by chuckled and said "Someone's got a big mess to clean tommorrow"

I had to laugh myself otherwise I would cry......:(
So now you have it!!!!!!!!!

You have the truth about me.....
My house doesnt always look picture perfect.
I feel much better and more human that now you know,

but all this mess does have an end,
ill clean it all up and put it away for a while and my house will be habitable again
I will post new items they will sell and then the process will start all over :)
untill then....
good night!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Jewel of the Month April 2008

Good News Girls!
I just listed the new Jewel of the month for April on my website!
Im lovin this one!
Its coming to us via my old stompin grounds California,
Cindy has done a beautiful job decorating her home.
Cindy is a stay at home mom, whos career as an attorney ended when her twins were born.
She has 4 children ages 4-13
When she was pregnant with her 4 year old son EVERYONE, including Cindy thought she was having a girl.
Thats when the shopping for all things PINK began. She developed a love for shabby chic/cottage style decorating, then her expected girl turned out to be a boy so could not make the nursery pink after all, but the rest of the house was fair game.
Cindy is inspired by the fresh clean, comfortable look of shabby cottage style and she realizes not everything can be PINK, so she also intergrates white, green and yellow in her rooms.
Cindy said she cant imagine changing her decorating preference, but if she does it will be the biggest yard sale ever! Cindy also has an online e-boutique you can visit at.....
Just go to my website at and go to Jewel of the month click on the link that will take you to all the pictures of Cindys charming home!