Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Pug

Here is the pug in all his glory, I know he looks like I posed him on the chair but he got in this position all on his own. As most of you know he gets into the most hysterical positions.
This is only the first of many photos to come of my baby.

15 Minutes of Fame

A couple of weeks ago while driving up to Canada I started flipping through the December issue of Romantic Homes magazine, I stopped on page 7 it had the cutest picture of a Pug laying amongst beautiful pink rose fabric and I thought to myself 'oh how cute that looks just like Pugsie' then I realized it was Pugsie! I noticed a picture of my living room above it then part of a letter I had written to the editors.

I couldnt believe it!

I finally made the pages of Romantic Homes magazine! Even it was only a letter to the editor and not a full feature spread at least I can say I made it there...lol..

I had sent those pictures and letter to them a long time ago, and had forgotten that I had sent them. So it was a total surprise, But what a nice surprise it was.
I tried calling my partner in crime Ruth who never ever answers her phone! So I don't no why I bothered :) I called my mother, no answer, my brother no answer, Sheri, no answer, anyone I thought would care, no answer. So I had to share my excitement with the hubby, he was in the van with me so he had to hear me say over and over again "I cant believe it! " but since he is my biggest fan and supporter and was really happy for me :)

It was my 15 minutes of fame or at least Pugsie's :P

My First Blog!

Im so excited to be starting my latest attempt in modern technology, creating this blog!

Until last year when I started my web site, my computer skills consisted of being able to turn a computer on and doing a search. Learning my website nearly caused me to have a meltdown, but thanks to Lyndsay at Shabby Suite http://www.shabbysuite.com/ who patiently walked me through everything and even taught me a few things about computer lingo, I can now download, upload, and even backload, (is that a term? help Lyndsay :)
I will use this blog to keep you informed on whats new at the shop, website, my life and last but not least to keep sharing with you my famous pug pictures staring the pug love of my life "Pugsie"
Hope you stop by often,