Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Have a Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been really hard to decide on the winner of my contest,

Ive had so many creative entries!

Their were many that I wanted to use, but I had to pick just one.

I really liked my husbands submissions,

The Koo's Koo's Nest, or The Love Shack, Which might be fitting to describe my house but I didn't think many of you would like to describe your homes as Coo

I really wanted something that felt right for my shop My Lu La Belles,

When I had to choose a name for my store I thought of different ideas but wanted something that I could relate or identify with, and Lu La Belles was a name that my father used to call me when I was a little girl, he used to call me Lu Lu, Lu La Belle and Birtha, (don't ask me where that one came from, believe me when I tell you I hated that name)

I actually hated all the nick names, but now as an adult I view those little nicknames as something endearing between me and my father. (except for birtha! I still hate that

Lu La Belles felt right it was cute, fun, whimsical and to me sounded southern which made me happy because I love my southern roots.

So in trying to decide a name for my new category on my web site that will feature my viewers beautiful homes I wanted something that I could identify with, something that felt right and fit my site. As I said I had a lot of great suggestions,
but the one I went with is.......... drum roll please.........................

I went with "The Jewel of the Month!"

This was submitted by Debbie at the Purpleflowerfairy blogspot.

When she submitted it I thought this is perfect! since the whole reason I opened my store in New Jersey and my website was to find a market for the vintage jeweled picture frames I design and create, I love working with jewels old and new, and try to find a way to add them to everything.

By referring to our beautiful homes as jewels I thought was just perfect and it fit my site.

Thank you so much Debbie for taking the time to write and give your suggestions, This whole process was allot of fun.

She will win the beautiful jeweled frame in the picture above. I will be listing the first home on my site anytime now so keep checking at under the the Jewel of the Month to see shots of Sherry's beautiful home.
Thanks to everyone who entered,

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I love the name you picked & I think it fits perfectly to your site also. Looking forward to seeing every jewel of the month!
Vicki (Pink Pearl Girl @ All Bliss Be Thine)