Monday, May 12, 2008

Thats the story im going with!!!

Real Life makes you look 30 pounds heavier than you look on computer!!!!

Thats the story I told Tami before I finally met her in person at my brick and mortar.

Im not sure how our paths first crossed but im so happy we did because without knowing it Ive been a fan of Tami Kennars art work for a long time!

A few years ago I purchased the prettiest pink tray with hand painted roses on it.

It was signed by a local artist who made things for one of my favorite shops Gingerbreads in Ocean Grove NJ

Now fast forward a couple years........

I came across this artist only knowing her by her 1st name and boutique on Etsy called

I asked her if she would make some signs for my brick and mortar and she said yes that she makes them for a store in Ocean Grove as well.

My radar started going off and I said "Whats your last name?" She told me and I ran and got the tray I love and wouldnt you know it had her signature on it!

What a small world!

Anyway she made some signs for me now the time came for us to meet in person!

Of course it came with some anxiety because of several reasons........

1. what if she is really some crazed lunatic posing as a shabby chic rose artist!!!!! do I have an imagination)

and .........2. Ive gained some weight this year due to a thyroid problem and of course we dont always put our fat pictures on computer for all to see so thats why I told Tami.....

"Remember that real life adds 30 pounds on you than the computer does, Im not really this size im really the size I look on the computer"
I decided that was the story I was going with!
She seemed to fall for it! :)))))

And im also happy to report she is not a crazed lunatic posing as a shabby chic rose artist :P

Tami turned out to be as sweet in person as she was in our emails.................

And she brought a great stash of signs for me to sell in my store...........
I bought this one on her Etsy shop I just love it!!!!!!!!!

I added it to my favorite wreath, isn't it adoreable!!!!

Check out her site you will be glad you did.

On a final note my home is being featured on

as the cottage of the month

Terry emailed me and asked if she could feature me, I felt so flattered, I remember seeing her on the Oprah Winfrey show and wished she lived near me so she could help me. She has other homes featured so check her out.

these are shots of my living room.....

I painted this pedestal and added a vintage plate......

This is another one of my dress forms that ive been making using vintage millinery and fabrics! I love them!! My signature mark is to use vintage dresses to make their skirts.
have a great day!


Karen said...

Lovely photos ~ it is so nice to put a face to the name :)

Your dress forms are stunning! A wonderful idea!

~ Karen at Ciderantiques

Mya said...

Your home is so beautiful. I would love to have just one room like it. It would take some convincing for Mr. Mya. Love Love your dress forms. I have made a mini and I finally got a metal one for mother's day. Your style is so beautiful and your picture is beautiful as well. I will check out the links you have in your post.
Have a great week,

Cathy said...

Sandy, What a coincidence. I actually just received a package last week with two signs I ordered from Tamy.

I just love them. Both are going to be hung in my Pink Fairy Cottage.

BTW, I know what you mean about computers adding 30 lbs. That's why I haven't posted any pictures of myself lately. No way!!!!


Alison Gibbs said...

What a fun post. Love the signs that Tammy makes
Love your photos of your home.

Christine said...

How fun for you. And your home and shop are just delicious. I think I could stay lost in either place for days. I would be drunk on pink! And, quoting Martha, "That's a good thing"!


Diana Lyn said...

Sandy, What a sweet story, I think you are adorable and to me you two could be sisters! Look at the pic. again! LOVE ,LOVE all the pics, your home is Wonderful, I want to just roll around in all the Fluff! Have a great evening ! Diana Lyn

jillian said...

Your house is stunning! I love all the pink!! Your picture is adorable by the way!

Alice W. said...

How fun to meet each other in person!!! That little sign is so cute!

Your store looks amazing...I hope I get to come one day! Congrats on being featured as the Cottage of the Month! It all looks gorgeous!

Scat said...

Sandy, you know the pictures of your beautiful home always make me want more, and more! I love your house and the lady that feeds that pug too! hehe


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy Thank You for stopping by! I love your shabbylicious shop and blog..who made your banner ?! I can relate to thyroid problem..I was teased as a kid for being so skinny 'Olive Oil' and was always slim never thought I would be fat?! I will post your blog and be back ! Denise aka.. Insane shabby artisan sister!

Cicily Corbett said...

I just came across your blog and found it so much fun to read. I live in a Victorian money pit in Massachusetts and am having a wonderful time playing around in it. (I'm near Brimfield--I will be scouring the market this week for poodles for my pink bathroom.)

Your site made me laugh because I have a post on my blog labeled "Fluffy Ruffles." There's a photo accompanying the post of a newspaper clipping from 1919...I found it hilarious because a friend once accused me backhandedly of being "fluffy." Given your blog name, you would probably find it interesting, too. It's the February 3, 2007 entry on

Cicily Corbett

Lori said...

your home looks lovely!!! and i already know and love pinkbuttercreme!!! her signs are gorgeous:)

Natasha Burns said...

Congrats on your home being featured!
Wow what a small world, Tami's work is lovely!

heidi said...

hi sandy ~ lucky you to finally meet, and you look fab, btw! actually you look like sisters, funny how that happens sometimes.

xo heidi

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

such a lovely blog! Im so happy to FINALLY have found you. Your a doll & your frames are soo me & my little fairy tale world.Pinkbuttercream is one of my other new inspiring finds & Cath S is always been oone of my favorites!ohhh gosh, & so are a few others on here that I so admire. This post just made me all teary eyed and inspired!I hope one day I can meet many of you!
Best Wishes sweetie pie!
Your the best!
Joelle XO