Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Help!! Im in trouble Contest!!

This is an update on the brother story below!!!!
I just got a voice mail from my brother who is not amused at my posting his Urkle picture for the world to see.
He said he is going to open a website so he can have a blog.......
(poor baby he doesnt realize he doesnt need a website to have a blog :P
bless his little Urkilie heart!

He is going to dig out every pippi longstocking photo ( I did kinda look like her I went through an akward stage!!!)
every pig tailed, thumb sucking picture while wearing my little house on the prarie bonnet that there is.
(fortunately there are none hee hee...I hope :P
He saids its it payback time!!!
so the only thing that might save me is if you all leave a comment telling my stud muffin brother Ed what a cute little boy he was,and further more....what a hunk he grew in to!!!!!!
dont let me down girls!!!
otherwise im in big trouble!!
And to make it worth your while Im going to have a giveaway....everyone who enters a comment on this post telling ED how handsome he is ,will be entered into a drawing to win something really good.
They will win one of my vintage jeweled picture frames that I design and sell on my website.
this is it below.....beautiful dainty& scrolly frame embellished with vintage blue and pink stones.
couldnt you see a little baby picture in it?

So hurry girls and help me out before my brother starts a blog!!!!


Cathy said...

Absolutely positively a stud muffin. He should realize what a huge fan club he has here in blogland. We'll show him.

BTW, I have two more glass shoes. I would be happy to make you one.


Alison Gibbs said...

Aren't you lucky that he doesn't know how to start a blog.
Hey Ed you are a 'Stud Muffin' LOL
not a Steve Urkle.

Counting Your Blessings said...

I think he SHOULD start a blog! He'll have a following - especially if the two of you banter back and forth.=) You'll both crack us up! Blessings... Polly (p.s. did you ever see those last few episodes with Steve Urkle? DEFINITELY stud muffin!)

Anonymous said...

Definitely a stud muffin, but I can't wait to see what pictures he has on you, it's just too bad that he doesn't know how to start a blog, tell him to call me? lol

CIELO said...

Well Ed,I can't say you are a stud muffin if I've never seen you, can't I? Get your blog going, brother! Then I can tell you: QUE BELLO!!!



Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

I really want to see your pics, Sandy!
I was going to comment on your bros adult pic anyway but did not want to start any further controversy.
The childhood pic was adorable....he reminds me of my nephew.
He does look pretty brawny and hunkish in his adult photo though.
Now, I hope we do not make his wife mad but if he is single.....that is a whole other blog LOL!
I am happily married but I know some single gals :0)
I agree with the others....you did your bro a favor. If he starts a blog then he already has a fan club.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

amazing what 35 years can do =) didn't he grow into a handsome stud muffin! debbie

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

He is an adorable boy and a handsome guy indeed! Lol, tell him we "artists" love those cutie pie old photos!!

xoxo Heather

Anonymous said...

What a cute little boy, not Urkle at all.

All cute little boys grow up to be handsome men.

Best Wishes,

Mya said...

Dear Ed,
I could tell from the moment I saw the photo of that innocent young boy that you would grow to be quite a hunk. Judging from your grown-up pic you are every bit the stud muffin I thought you would be. So much so that, if you unattached, I would love to fix you up with my single friend. See you should be thanking your sis for being proud enough to show your picture.
Take care,

Lori said...

Ed, is definitely a stud muffin!!! and i have a huge fondness for Ed's as i have been happily married to my own Ed for twenty years this august:)

BallerinaGurl said...
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BallerinaGurl said...

Ed Dahhhhling,

From the moment I laid eyes on your boyhood photo in the post below I saw the glimmer in your eye leading up to this here blog post. Now dearest, we all know you would love to venture out and post little nothings regarding your sister, but believe me she can hold her own! I feel in this time of need you just need lots of cyber hugs and a string of compliments to go on the side! Let me see what I can drum up for you....

The hair you wore back then I swore up and down I saw just the other day on a cabana boy at my hotel. What a hunk, without saying you sugar lumps would fit right along in that category, but those dreamy eyes that soften a womans swoon really take the cake and without bending it like Beckham I can throw you this compliment that I see how good, kind and adorable you really are behind that mischevious grin.

You really are tops! Now don't dissapoint me my little cherry pie, and be mean to the sister. That is for sissy's and I would hate to think otherwise of you than my already idea of you being the hunky stud muffin you already know you are!!

Kisses blown your way!!

xxxxxxx BallerinaGurl

debbiedel said...

Your brother was adorable back then and is gorgeous now! It's so obvious how much you love him from what you've written in your past blogs. How lucky you two are to have the fun and loving relationship that you do. And maybe this will make your brother happy and feel he's one up on you. He was right.........what you did was not camping! Sorry sweetie.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ed...that picture is nothing! My brother had a buzz, buck teeth & BLACK glasses(and this was waaaay before Elvis Costello made them cool!).
We have this "fun" little tradition in our family...on your b-day, your mom puts out ALL your most(tucked all around a mirror or underneath a glass covered table) embarrassing pictures...naked in the bathtub... bangs that look more like an escalator...any picture from the 70's!!!!!!!!
The picture your sweet sis put up is nothing compared to what we have suffered....and PLEASE do start a blog so we can see "Pippy" in her heyday!

M ;)

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Thank you everyone for all the over the top great comments! had me and my brother in hysterics but what had me laughing even harder is that I think he actually believes it!
keep um coming girls!!

Anonymous said...

Can I join the Ed is a stud muffin club too!! plse!!! Ed we all have dorky pictures somewhere in our closets all that matters is how Gorgeous we all are now!! Hope your having a good week sweet Ed!!!
See!! youve even got fans all the way down under!!

Melissa said...

Geeze, I thought I had accidentially stumbled into eHarmony after reading all those "Odes to Ed". LOL! Ed, if you are reading this here is my take on the situation. You are destined to be famous...that picture of you as a boy is the proof. Whenever they are doing an E True Hollywood Story they ALWAYS show pictures of the star when they were young and they usually ALWAYS look like the pic Sandy shared. See, she was doing you a favor. I'm thinking you should give her 20% of your earnings. You know, like a finder's fee.That sounds fair. :0)

Diane said...

Oh I must agree with all the others girls he was such a cute guy what a lucky sis (:
Hugs, Diane

jillian said...

What a hotty then and now!!! A definite stud muffin!! Can't wait til he starts his own website, hee hee!

CIELO said...

Hey, I didn't realize that "Lu lu's Fluffy Ruffles" and "mylulabelles" were the same person... so thank you for allowing me portray your lovely rose bouquet on my site... :)


Christine said...

Ed, as a card-carrying member of the "Ed's a stud" fan club, you were not "urkelie" at all. Maybe a little "Richie Rich", but not Urkle. At least your parents didn't make you get that pineapple top haircut that my boy cousins all had.

And now? Well, OMG! Stud-muffin indeed!

Go ahead and start that blog! We want to see all of Sandy's Pippi Pics. ;)

Fete et Fleur said...

I think your sister loves you very much and you must have a great relationship. I would be proud of that photo. You've grown into a stud muffin, there's no Urkle goin on there!!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Eddie baby...I think you look marvelous!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...
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Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

He reminds me of my brother. Ed you're a hunk. Bonnie

gail said...

Oh Ed,,, you are so sweet. Cute as a button. You should be ashamed Sandy. (LOL) What an adorable frame. l love stopping by your blog, its just so pretty... gail

Scat said...

(Said in Kim Catralls voice...)
Well, Sandy..if I win the frame Im going to put Ed's picture in it, and place it on my night stand...


Diana Lyn said...

Sandy! Uh wasn't Steve Erkle another Color? LOL Don't you worry your Handsome, Studly self about your young manly picture of yourself, it is wonderful and we all improve with age! We all have those fun shots! Be easy on your Sis! We all have fun here! Hugs Diana Lyn Nice Frame work Missy!!!!!!

Alice W. said...

So funny! I guess brothers never change even when they are grown? Mine are still under the age of 15 (half siblings from my father's second marriage)...so I have yet to find out...but they do enjoy "pestering" me every chance they get! But where would we be without them??? ;)

Karen said...

Oh ED . . . does that stand for everything dreamy!?! You grew up to be such a handsome man. . . with such a charming smile . . . and good sense of humor ~ the ladies love that! Keep smilin' and don't hesitage to show us at least one vintage Pippy photo :).

Karen at Ciderantiques

heidi said...

hi sandy ~

you are entered into my contest too!

i'm cracking up because i looked like a cross between pippi and half pint (from little house on the prarie!) there would be BIG trouble if any of those photos ever got leaked!

ed is definitely a handsome guy, not just saying that either because sandy dangled sparkly pretties in front of me...a big 'ol teddy bear of a stud muffin! xo heidi

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

A website is not a prerequisite for a blog? Who knew? (Just trying to make Ed feel better!) What a handsome brother! And I'm not just saying that to win that gorgeous frame!

Mya said...

You my dear have been tagged. Read about it in my saturdays post :)

Stephanie said...

Ed, you are definitly handsome. And i just wanted to say, this is a wonderful blog. :)

Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Poor Ed...lol! He has to understand, Pippi was adorable! I love that he thinks he needs a website! lol!

I wanted to stop by to invite you to visit my blog.. I'm having a Contest, and would love for you to join in!

Thanks so much Sandy~
Big Hugs,