Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Decorating Delima!!!

To Do or Not to Do that is my question!!

I'm feeling a little unsure about what to do with my bathroom.

I'm trying to do a simple cosmetic redo......

nothing structural since we gutted most of the bathroom 8 years ago and we are in the middle of a kitchen redo so I don't want to give the hubby a coronary when he discovers what I am up to!!!!

He likes the room and I did too but you girls know how it is we women need to change, update and spruce up.

Our homes are rarely ever really done!

So Here's my plan.........

Ill keep it simple...... just paint and decor.....

I can do it one day while he is at work..... when he comes home ill tell him I have a surprise for him and to close his eyes!

Then while he may be dreaming a Mercedes in the driveway or something like that...... Oh wait that's my dream!!!!

Hmmmm what would be a surprise for him??? I got it!!!! a home cooked meal in the hot summer!!!!!

yeah thats it!!!!

He will be expecting dinner but instead...........

I will make the big reveal!!!!

SURPRISE!!!! Our new pink and blue Bathroom!!!

Can you imagine the look on his face!!!! How could he be disappointed!!!!!

He will be sooooo amazed and happy with the way it turned out he will forget all about not getting a home cooked meal, Mercedes in the driveway or anything else that might have been going on in his innocent head!

How does that sound????

Good you say???

Great!!! cause that's the plan I'm going with!

I may even cook that meal..... a hearty pot roast in the middle of summer to sweeten the deal and ensure he is happy!!

Now here is my dilema....

I want to do the bathroom in a pink and blue color scheme because its my favorite color combination so I have several options to choose from...... I need your help.....

Option 1.......

Option 1 is a Rachel Ashwell British rose fabric as the shower curtain and soft blue paint.

I hung the solid blue fabric next to it for you to visualize........

Now Option 2........

Option 2 is Rachel Aswell British Rose shower curtain with pink walls.... again the pink fabric for visual purposes........

Finally Option 3..........

Option 3 is Rachel Ashwell Rosalie shower curtain with pink paint on the walls...

Please leave a comment or email me and tell me what your favorite Option is 1,2 or 3 and which direction I should go in, since I have to do this quick and I have no room for error it has to look stunning the first time when hubby comes home!!

Here are some of the accessories that will be in the room that I just purchased...

I love this mosaic mirror I got it in a trade deal that I often do with a friend of mine.

This pink piece is and old dresser that was married together with a top of something???? found on the side of the road, a friend painted it the softest shade of pink.

I had it in my store for display but brought it home I love it!!!!

Of course it will be chauchkie upped when I'm done..... Now here is the biggest delima of all!!!!!

I told you that I have wallpaper on the walls that I put up 8 years ago.

I put it on top of wallpaper(I know forgive me for I have sinned!)

but the walls were damaged and at the time we couldn't put up new sheet rock so I just covered it and it did the job at the time..

but I still cant put up new sheet rock the kitchen is the priority right now! and I want this to be as quick and painless as possible so should I................dare I say it...........

you no what I'm thinking!!!!!

But I'm afraid to speak it less I commit the unforgivable sin in decorating!!!

But I'm thinking of painting over the wallpaper!!!!

There its out there! !!! I said it!!!

I know!!!

Don't scold or think any less of me but I have seen it done and it doesn't always look HORRIFFIC....Does it???

Here is my line of defense......

I have very little wall space most is broken up by windows, bathtub, mirrors, furniture, laundry room door, bathroom door. and by the time I hang all my other chautckies and things very little of the painted wallpaper will be seen!!

I was going to re wallpaper but I don't want to go to the expense if I can avoid it (remember I'm trying not to become a divorced woman!)

So tell me what you think, Ive never done it before so I'm not sure if it will look really awful so if you think I shouldn't do it I wont. (well maybe I wont Ive been known to buck the system!)

but ill try to listen to your advice....I think.... :P

Dont forget to tell me your option for fabric and paint combos!

One last thing I just listed a new jewel of the month and its a beauty!!

The beautiful home is owned by Beth a very talented woman, it reflects her feminine and elegant taste and I know you will love it...

To see more click here and go to Jewel of the month!




Lee W. said...

I say- PAINT OVER IT- there, you have permission. LOL! I like #3, but I think with the beautiful mirror you have, #1 might work best. I'm painting my bathroom pink too! The fabric I have is Waverly, yellow background, with roses and stuff- so I'm picking pink to pull out of the fabric! Hey, I'm the only girl in the house, gotta have pink somewhere!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Hi! You have such a great eye, whatever you choose will be dreamy.
Paint over the paper! Don't think twice...we all love you.
I am leaning towards the blue..and accenting with the pink. i know you can do vice-versa but I would really love to see what you do with the blue.
Your Jewels of the month are bliss so I need a shot of bliss. I also got a new take on Pam...she has got some style.
Chat soon :0)

Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

Oh Paint over it already!!! If for some reason it doesn't really look smashing, as I am sure it will be, your husband will go ahead and hang new drywall for you cause you tried really hard not to make him have to do it. LOL!!! I have painted over anything and if it doesn't work out just cover it with paint!!!

My vote is for the pinks!!! Guess cause I don't really have much pink right now, working on it though. DH nixed the pink living room walls. Go figure!!

Can't wait to see pics of the newest project!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy just paint the walls,and be sure to use a very good primer,if it doesn't look great your hubby could just go ahead and dry wall for you and pink is definitely the way to go so I vote for option #2, good luck with your decision and your hubby!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy or should I say Lucy...
If you read my post, you'll know where that is coming from. We are so much alike. Now I am going to be completely different and say I like #1. Reason being, those blues together are fabulous and then bring pink in with your hutch and accessories. That is just my thought. Oh and by the way, I would definitely have a wonderful candlelight dinner waiting in the wings. Good luck. I definitely vote for #1.


Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing, I wouldn't hesitate painting over wallpaper. I have done it.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

They do make primer for painting over wallpaper. Give it a shot. After all, it's only paint.

My vote is for blue. I think that Mr. Ruffles would like it better. Just to be safe, cook the meal too.:)

Kim's Treasures said...

My girlfriend had her wallpaper painted over and it's pretty! Like everyone else said paint it (primer and good paint)! As for the colors I like either of the pinks. Love the pink dresser too!


Connie said...

My little sweet potato, you NEED me at the moment. I wrote a tutorial on blogging buuuutttt at the moment here is what you do, little cutie pie. Just add the picture to the top as you would normally do and thennnnn you can cut and paste it EXACTLY where you want it!! Easy and if you need any help just email me at my blog profile page and I'll scurry around like a little mouse trying to get back to you!!

Now, about the can we make an informed decision knowing that a) a divorce is pending... trust me, I know this particular drama!! b) picture is not available for one of the options c) love should conquer all and I remind hubs/Love Bunny of this regularly when I do redecorating and last d) laugh at everything he says no matter how droll and then promise him a "night of wild abandon", my every time I've tried it!!!!


Anonymous said...

I say, paint the wallpaper too! I like option #3 the best but the blues were pretty too! I have found that men usually prefer blue!

Escaping Reality said...

A: Paint over the dern wallpaper. The only rules are the ones that make you happy and since this is a quick one day project, just do it.

B: I think option 1 is the best for what you want. It has the blue you want to add and matches the other stuff beautifully.

Good luck on what you decide.

Connie said...

Sandy, go to my blog Profile and my email is there to email me and I'll explain specifically how to do this. I'm very computer literate since I manage our 5 home computers!!

Fete et Fleur said...

Boy . . . this is a tough decision. I've been going back and forth etc. between your photos. I love the pink material. It is so pretty! I think I would go with option one. I would definitely paint over the wallpaper too. I can’t wait to see it finished!


Brook said...

Hi Sandy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not changing the palest blue and pink colors in my studio. I'm just putting some different furniture in it. Love pink and blue.
I say go ahead and paint over that wallpaper. It will work. I like option #1 in your bath.

Your home looks beautiful and I love your gorgeous frames!


Roxie said...

Sandy, this is so funny. At my last house, I did the British rose shower curtain with sage walls. Loved it soooooooooooo much! I think it would be very pretty with powder blue walls too. Since I had that look for so long, I would go with the pink roses shower curtain with pink walls. JMHO.
I'm off to check out your Jewel of the Month.
Thanks for always stopping by my blog, you're a gem!
Roxie said...

First of all, GO FOR IT! I redo all the time, and paint is no big deal you can repaint a few times and year and switch curtains with the seasons if you want. My husband doesn't even noitce any more.

And you can't go wrong with the Shabby chic line, all of the fabrics are the best!

As far as painting over wallpaper, I do it too. If it is a sleek surface, you may need primer. Sometimes I do a faux finish to cammoflauge the lines, but if you have very little wall space, it might not even show.

Primer might help to seal it so it doesn't bubble up.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I have had to paint over wallpaper before so go for it! Your mosaic piece is stunning! I looked and looked at your fabric choices and just could not decide between the pink and blue.....whichever you choose I am sure will be perfect. ~ Lynn
P.S. I found out a couple of weeks ago about P. Anderson's love for shabby chic. Who knew?

Kim's Treasures said...

Hi Sandy! Here are the instructions that Mya at sent to me. As you can se...I haven't figured out how to the linkie thing on comments yet...sorry.

Highlight the word you want to be your link and go to the top tool bar click on the thingy that looks like a paper clip over a globe. You put your link in there. Either type it in or do the copy paste thing.

Hope that helps! Have a great day! Love your blog!

Hugs and happy treasure hunting!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Sandy, I've been there, having to hurry while hubby is gone, I don't think they mind at all as long as they are not doing it. Paint over the wallpaper, but I would go with an antique white or white, so I could change it out to either. (Blue one week-Pink the next) I think the mirror would pop off the wall then.
Thanks for coming by, I haven't been getting to visit as often as I would like. Busy, Busy.

Cathy said...


You are hysterical. I'm killing myself laughing out loud. I think your DH would know by now he isn't getting a Mercedes!

I say Option 3 definitely. I'm a sucker for those roses.

xo Cathy

Joy said...

I got all caught up in the gloriousness that is that mosaic mirror. What was the question?

Andrea said...

I think option #1 is a good choice. Here's my reasoning behind that. I think soft blue is a great neutral. With that said, you can change it up as much as you like, seems how most anything should go well with blue. As for the wallpaper, paint it! I would just add a coat of primer first to cover up the pattern and give the paint something to grip to. Good Luck! Oh! tell us how your hearty beef stew came out.

gail said...

Hi Sandy,, thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. I love to visit yours, its so beautiful. I come from a family of Pug owners. They are the BEST!
I say go for painting the wallpaper! I am a pink girl through and through, so I have to vote for option #3. Happy creating..gail

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Thanks for paying me a visit. I have been viewing your blog for the last 30 minutes and I love it. I love your jeweled frames and I did see your "15 minutes" in Romantic Country (one of my favorite magazines too). My turn to vote and I vote for #3. and don't hesitate to paint over wall paper. I've done it and it's so mush easier than removing the wall paper. Just the thought of that gives me the hives!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy,
Firstly I say "Paint Paint paint" It will look great!! and I have to say I'm going to pick option 2 you cannot beat blue & pink I love that Blue rose pattern it's one of my fav's and I think the pink walls will go Fab with it!!
Take care, and I absolutely promise that I will email you next week with some snaps of my home. So Sorry Ive been slack!!

Scat said...

I think you should go with soft blue walls. Then add lots of Pink!

I've painted over paper many a times in this big old hotel. I also papered over paper. Its all good!!
But San...dear??? I was trying to copy your old bathroom with the goldish paper, etc. Now imagine my dilema after buying dark fancy cherubs sconces from the UK. Well, hurry up Dear and I'll just copy your new bathroom. Hurry Honey I've not got all day for these shenanaigans hahahah! Love you, I was serious about coping so make sure the pics are nice and clear. IN GFACT RUN THEM PAST ME FIRST hehe


CIELO said...

Good morning Sandy "lu lu"! :) I like all your fabrics...

Un beso


Miss Rhea said...

Ok, I am a sucker for PINK, so I would choose #3 for ME, HOWEVER, The blue , #1 looks so much better with your mirror.

When had my painting business, I painted over wallpaper lots, just be sure and prime REALLY well first, otherwise the paint will live the old paper off. Don't ask me how I know this !! lol !!!!! :) :)

twinkleshabbystar said...

Hi Miss Sandy!
I OPT for #1. That's my fav! I've never had to paint over wallpaper before, but if I were in your shoes I would be STRESSING over it also. I say PAINT over it! hee! hee! Be sure to let us know how it turns out. You must show pics!!!
P.S. Your blog is GORGEOUS!!!!

SherryRoseBella said...

Hi Lulabelle! I vote for number 3 although I like the blue fabric, too. I am doing my guest bathroom with the same pink shower curtain & the rhinestone shower hooks from Target. I am trying to do my walls in a pink & light sage green but I am trying to make it look like wallpaper!lol Good luck with your project! Love, Sherrybelle

jillian said...

All of your choices are gorgeous!! As far as the walls go, I have many walls I had to disguise when we first moved into this over 100 year old house. Lots of layered wallpaper, I might add. One great solution was a tissue paper technique where you actually adhere the crinkled, then flattened tissue to the walls in layers and then paint over it. I know, it must sound labor intensive, but it truly isn't and can easily be done in a day. The finish and texture is really beautiful and no one will ever know that you went over the top of the wallpaper because it covers any seams or blemishes on the wall. There are several tutorials on-line (they usually use horrible colors on their walls though!!) They also sell all the supplies and have "how to" flyers at Lowes. It would look so beautiful with your color choices. My husband and I have "flipped" a few houses and I used this technique in several rooms and they are usually the favorite of the future home owner.
Anyway, there is my two cents worth!!! I can't wait to see how the room turns out. GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

option 1 and love the marie antoinette pallete