Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can you believe this!!!!

I tell you!!! ...........this guy is tooo much!!!!
He really thinks he is human and as such entitled to all the
privileges one would expect as a human!
For those of you new to my site this is my love able pug 'Pugsie"......... aka...Chancho, piggie boy, gordo, fat boy or simply as The Pug!

He has a ferocious appetite especially when he is on steroids for his allergies.....

so he is always on the prowl for food...

we can not leave anything unattended other wise he will get into it.

these shots are of him desperately wanting the left overs on the plates from dinner,

but I was keeping one eye on him at all time...

He knew it and was trying to wait me out!!!!!

Eventually he fell asleep in this position!!!

He eventually woke up but I had removed all the tempting treats...
I suppose he refused to accept that everything was gone so had the nerve to actually get up on the table to be sure nothing was left!!!!

Doesn't he look so pathetic!! Poor baby!!!!

Now if this were the Lassie show and we had to try to interpet what the Pug was trying to tell us here I would say he was saying "Mom.... I need my ears cleaned!!!

(that's a box of q-tips he is laying his head on!)

Here he is trying to get my ice coffee!!!!

Here he is waitng for dinner to be served!!!!

I'm telling you these pictures are not staged!!
He gets in these positions all on his own!

But he is not all trouble!!! he actually has a spiritual side.... Here he is praying that I let him eat dinner with us!!!

And here he is doing his Bible reading with the Family!!! Such a good pug!!

Now to change directions a bit but not too much the Pug is still part of this......

What your about to see now is classified information!!

The scene is the top secret location of my fabulous office where all the magic begins and all my creating happens!!

and its a rare glimps of my creating space that not many eyes are privy to. and the following pictures will tell you why!!

Right now though its not looking so fabulous!

When I'm working I pull everything out and as a result looks like this!!!!

There is not an open space in sight and poor Pugsie
(because he has to be by my side every minute of the day)
actually got into and fell asleep on a box of my vintage fabrics!!!!!

But how could I get upset at him! Look at that face!!!

Since I am usually always working unfortunately my office looks like this alot!!

Thank goodness for whoever created doors!! this one is shut alot!!...hee hee...

This is one of the projects I was working on.... a vintage hankie phone and address book!

Complete with a little bling!!

Coming soon to

Now to update you all on my health issues.

I really appreciate all your emails sending your care and concern! Thank you so much!

I went to the doctor yesterday and got the blood test results and

I do have Lyme's Disease. Its back again!

So while I'm not happy I have Lyme's disease I am happy that its not worse and this can be treated.

I responded well to treatment last time so hopefully will again.

My thyroid is still not up to normal either so that is not helping my energy levels so he bumped up my medication for that.

I'm also very low on vitamin D so I need a supplement for that.

Still checking out a few other female issues but other than that if all goes well with the Lyme's treatment I should feel like my old self and running the streets again!!!!

Thank you again for all you emails! I really appreciate it!

From my family to yours comes lots of smiles and Hugs!!!



Anonymous said...

OHHHH My Chica!!! that pugie of your's really has a mind of his own....heehee...and really tells you what he want's.....well I adore him, he's just too much, and I'm glad your health is on it's way to recovery!!!!

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Oh, Pugsie, thank you so much for making me laugh til I wheezed!
Tell your mum to look at this blog :

Connie said...

Girl, that pug is simply toooooo cute!!! That tongue needs some serious help also!! LOL

I want my office to look like that!! *Sigh*...........


Bella Casa said...

I came here to tell you how cute you are with the hating pumpkin in my kitchen, lol...and then I see your CUTE pug! lol He's precious! Oh my, what fun you must have with him :)

I am sorry to hear about your Lyme Disease :( I sometimes worry about that...we moved out here to a rural sub and have deer in our yard all the time. In fact, I have been lethargic ever since we moved out here, just about...but that could be from so many other things...I sure hope you will be feeling better soon!

I don't think I have been to your blog before, so if not, it is very nice to meet you...and your pug :)


SherryRoseBella said...

LOL!!!Sandy!! How cute that he went to sleep while waiting on leftovers...he is really a little character!! I love your office & it's supposed to look that way. If it was as neat as a pin, then that would mean no beautiful creations!!
love & hugs,

The Rose Room said...

He is hilarious! I think all creative people end up with a mess like that! Hopefully your health is now on the up. Take Care, Rachaelxo

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh!Your baby is hilarious!
What a character!!!!
I'm sooooo sorry to hear your not feeling well and I hope you keep improving!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! I am just rolling around on the floor laughing my head off!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweet charming little guy!! These pictures are something to keep and cherish they are just awesome!!
Have a great weekend sweetie!! Glad I finally got the snaps to you!! Im a slacker go on you can say it!!

Cathy said...

Sandy, Your pug is absolutely adorable. OMG!!! Too cute.

I hope you are feeling much better soon. We need you to keep creating those pretties my sweet!

xo Cathy



You really cracked me up with this post!
I should say that "El Gordo" did it! He is nicer than a "Chancho"...may be "chanchito"...LOL
That Pug is hilarious...
But can you blame it for thinking he is "humano"?
Dog food is actually boring and wonder he is going to be sitting and ready to be served like in these photos...
Just way too hilarious. An actor!
Thank you so much for the huge laughs!
I hope you are feeling better.

*Visit me tomorrow, it's going to be very, very PINK!

~ Gabriela ~

Pink Slippers said...

Look at that tongue..what a cutie pazookie. And I just love your blog. Beautiful and sweet!! Wendy

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT dog photos! What a face!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

That is a million dollar photo, too much is right! Your cunning pug should be in movies..He's quite the little character!!!

Love your work space!

Scat said...

Oh that is 1 spoiled Pug! hahahaah! Very entertaining!


Pink Slippers said...

I just love your blog and the pug might of helped too. Come on by and pick up the award I have waiting for you. Wendy

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Oh Sandy...your pug is too much!
Thanks for sharing your creative area with us.....I am too chicken to show mine LOL. It is in my bedroom and there is no door to separate it from our actual sleeping area.
I am still struggling with my room :(

Glad to hear that your lyme disease is treatable....hope you are doing great other then that.

Love your posts.....they are always so fun~Sheri

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Sandy, your pictures are so cut of Mr Pug, he looks a little spoiled.
I don't think any of us crafters can have a clean craft room when we really get with it.
Had to catch up on your post and I hope you get to better soon, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Malphi said...

He's so amazingly lovely....what a lovely companion to have around the house,
Susannah x

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well Sandy... I hope you feel better soon! xo Heather

Alice W. said...

Renoir is the exact same way!!! And I have so many pictures of him up on our studio table...the dining room table...the coffee! He has several nicknames here as well...but mostly I like to refer to him as "Monkey"...he might even think that's his name lol.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

He is adorable!

Anonymous said...

That dog is cuter than most people's babies.


Anonymous said...

I wish my Boston was half as sedate as your baby looks. That pug is a corker!!