Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Did She Go?????

Its Unbelievable!!
Its been over a year since I last blogged.....

Many of you have emailed and asked me what happened???

Where did you go???

When will you blog again???

We miss you!!
I just want to say thank you so much for all your care and concern.
Im ok but not ok if that makes any sense at all....

I will attempt to explain in this post
whats going on with me...
some of if sad news but of course we
wont dwell on that and I will try to make you smile too.

First something to make you smile!!

Yes this is Pugsie taking a nap!!!!
I didnt have my camera but did have my cell phone.
He is the most unique and funny dog I have ever had!
He gets himself in the most unbelievable posistions.

Look at his tounge....always sticking out
makes him even more the clown!!

Their is nothing like a pug!

and if anyone out their is considering

getting a dog I highly recommend

the Pug breed.

that are sweet, loving, gentle and

will always make you smile!

So Now on to more serious subjects and
the happenings of my past year.
As you all know my father passed away last year.....

When I came home from California I felt almost dead inside...

Its hard to explain but I felt numb and
just didnt feel like doing or seeing anyone.

I forced myself to do what I had to for my
family responsibilities but I
seem to want to do much more.

Then my Lymes Disease was still quite
active so I also had those issues to deal with.

I saw several new doctors and the
good news is that one found a treatment
that seems to have brought me to a
much more functional place.

But then as life goes....Bad news hit again.

You remember my big brother Ed??
He was in the Urkle post a while back,
the one who teases me merciless and the one
I return the affection too. :P

Well he was diagnoised with Lukemia.
It is a very rare form.........
The doctors can find very few cases or research on it.

They dont no how he will respond to treatment or if he will.
I flew out to California a few months ago
to see him while he was in the hospital.......

This is a picture below of me my mom and brother
the day I left to come home.

He was in the hospital the entire time
I was their but was released the
before I left.

This picture below was in the hospital....
as usuall we were teasing and laughing at each other.

Its going to be a tuff battle ahead and I
be making another trip out to be with
him and my mother for support.
So as a result I wont be doing any
of my handmade vintage creations
for a while on my web site.

I cant seem to have the mental energy to focus right now.
The web site is still open with items that are in stock,
but I just wanted to let you know
why you wont be seeing any of my custom
work for little while since many
of you email asking me when????? :)

I truly appreciate your patience,
I want to thank you all for your support, care and concern.
I hope to get creating again soon in the very near future.

Now to change the subject and
lighten things up a bit I
wanted to share some photos of my kitchen.....
It possibly is the the slowest
redo I have ever done....
Im still not finished with it,
but here are a few shots of the finished
buffet and hanging shelf above it.

And last but not least a closing picture
of Pugsie when he was a baby!!
I came across these pictures that I had forgotten about!

He got ahold of my sons pacifier and ran with it....

This is the picture I was able to catch...
its priceless and so captures his personality!!
He makes me smile everyday....
Its incredible the joy animals can bring to your life.

I never thought I would be one
of those "dog people" but I am!!
and im lovin it!!

So I will close for now
thanking you again for your
care and concern.
The human heart reaches out far.
thank you so much


Mari said...


Home and Heart said...

I am so very sorry to hear of all the
troubles you are having. What a good sister you are. Your home is SO lovely. I hope you find lots of comfort there, as you heal and support others!

Crystal said...

Sandy, sorry to hear about all the bad things going on. I'll be praying for your brother and your family. Hope things get better soon!

All Bliss Be Thine said...

Sorry to hear about your brother Ed but pray there will be a cure for him. I have a family member going through cancer treatment as well.
Have a safe trip to CA to be with him and your family.
Your kitchen redo is coming along beautifully. Love all of the pretty rose dishes!
Love & pink hugs,

twinkleshabbystar said...

I am so so sorry for all that you and your brother are going thru. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers sweetie. Take excellent care of yourself and hope to see you soon! Hugs! XOOX,Jenn

Rella said...

I just read of the heartache you have been facing as of late and I am so very sorry. I DO understand the feelings or even lack of feelings you can have after such loss and then the battle your dear brother is going through. I will send you an e-mail about that. Do your very best to take it one day at a time and fill each day with as much joy as you can find.

xox Rella

Shabby Lane Shops said...

I am catching up on blogs, & will be thinking of you & your family! Take Care of yourself!


Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Sandy, I am so sorry to hear about your brother, my God you are going through it. I do hope all the best for you and your family and it will get better... I'll be praying for you and your brothers well being.

Sending Warm Hugs*