Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My First Blog!

Im so excited to be starting my latest attempt in modern technology, creating this blog!

Until last year when I started my web site, my computer skills consisted of being able to turn a computer on and doing a search. Learning my website nearly caused me to have a meltdown, but thanks to Lyndsay at Shabby Suite http://www.shabbysuite.com/ who patiently walked me through everything and even taught me a few things about computer lingo, I can now download, upload, and even backload, (is that a term? help Lyndsay :)
I will use this blog to keep you informed on whats new at the shop, website, my life and last but not least to keep sharing with you my famous pug pictures staring the pug love of my life "Pugsie"
Hope you stop by often,


:) said...

Backload... LOL not sure thats a term I have heard of... maybe backup? :)

James said...

Hey sis I love your site, keep up the good work.

Love ya