Tuesday, November 27, 2007

15 Minutes of Fame

A couple of weeks ago while driving up to Canada I started flipping through the December issue of Romantic Homes magazine, I stopped on page 7 it had the cutest picture of a Pug laying amongst beautiful pink rose fabric and I thought to myself 'oh how cute that looks just like Pugsie' then I realized it was Pugsie! I noticed a picture of my living room above it then part of a letter I had written to the editors.

I couldnt believe it!

I finally made the pages of Romantic Homes magazine! Even it was only a letter to the editor and not a full feature spread at least I can say I made it there...lol..

I had sent those pictures and letter to them a long time ago, and had forgotten that I had sent them. So it was a total surprise, But what a nice surprise it was.
I tried calling my partner in crime Ruth who never ever answers her phone! So I don't no why I bothered :) I called my mother, no answer, my brother no answer, Sheri, no answer, anyone I thought would care, no answer. So I had to share my excitement with the hubby, he was in the van with me so he had to hear me say over and over again "I cant believe it! " but since he is my biggest fan and supporter and was really happy for me :)

It was my 15 minutes of fame or at least Pugsie's :P

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