Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Caution Mad Scientist at Work

Ive been working on getting more of my vintage jeweled picture frames that I design for my website out and listed as well as designing some other projects that will be coming soon, but as I was working I had to stop and chuckle, I began to think about images of peaceful, creative artists in the country side painting on the top of a hill over looking a river or forest, and I thought to myself this scene does not capture my work enviorment!
My work area looks more like a Mad Scientist at Work!
Not only do I have my office turned upside down but I have moved to the kitchen table and made it impossible to have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. My family is eating their meals in front of the teli which I don't think they really mind.
I have tried and tried to be more organized when I work but it never happens. I need the controlled ciaos when I'm designing. I used to weep and tell my husband that I don't know why I cant be more organized! But then I read this article that changed my life......
It said that creative people tend to be very unorganized. It was that whole right brain left brain scenario. Alas! I had an explanation to why I was the way I was, and rather than investigating to see if the article is really true I have decided to accept this explanation and live in peace. I'm not disorganized I'm just creative....lol... well at least that's the story I'm sticking to when ever my husband looks at me with a raised eyebrow while I'm working. :)


Devonia said...

I was the creative force in a company of pristine offices. My office needed an "Enter at Your Own Risk" sign. Often, the chaos raised eyebrows - of everyone but the owner- the only one who really counted. Dear Bill was fondly indulgent and defended me for one reason - I produced. I think the right brain/left brain thing is factual. Don't sweat the clutter as long as you are thriving....

Debi said...

Oh my and I thought I was the only one!! All these years I keep organizing my sutdio, at least I think I am and it only seems to get worse!I really enjoyed reading your post. I always think if I was more organized, I would get so much more accomplised! I think I have given up and so, I just keep working and pretend my clutter isn't there! I have to tell you in spite of it all your work is gorgeous!
Kindest Regards,