Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Intollerable Working Conditions?

I often get asked when I will be listing new items on the website.

At times I am good about getting things listed but at other times it seems to take me a while. I just thought I would show you one of the reasons why at times it takes me a while to list.

First I will admit that my biggest obstacle is the computer illiteracy that many of you know that I suffer from, in addition to struggling in front of a computer trying to remember how to add a category, edit a page or simply try to figure out what a tool bar is :P (Sherry and Chris you know what I mean)
I also have to do all of this while my 40 pound Pug tries to work his way into my lap!

It seems that he feels I am his personal bed,
The minute I sit down he has bionic hearing and radar which sends him running so that he can jump up on me. I have never seen such a chubby Pug move so fast!
He doesn't care if there are obstacles for him to overcome if there is a way up he will find it.
The particular night these shots were taken I pulled my chair close up to the computer so he couldn't get in front of me, but he managed to wiggle under the chair and climb on top of the printer at my feet, he then just whimpered and looked at me with these sad pitiful eyes that no one could resist.
The rest is history as the photos show.
I let him up on my lap, gave him a pillow to rest his head on so he could fall into a deep sleep and snore louder than my husband claims I do, ( Something I insist is a figment of my husbands imagination.) :P
He was happy and so was I after all how could anyone not love his sweet personality and adorable face. Pugsie makes my heart melt.
I did manage to get some work done that night, but next time you may be wondering 'when is she going to list some new things?'
just remember these photos!

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