Thursday, April 10, 2008

Room fit for a Pug!

I've had requests to see more photos of my home,
Thats not an easy thing to do because my house is still a work in progress.
When we bought it 8 years ago it was a cape cod cottage that needed to be completely gutted!

we have taken it room by room and are almost there, so Ive only in the past few years started to spend money on decorating, and I havent been able to decorate all the rooms fully,
some are done but others are partially done.
Im sure most of us can relate to that, how many of us have thousands of dollars all at once to decorate our homes. Most homes are gradually done and evolve in taste and style.

Im finishing up on my bedroom so I thought I would at least share with you some things ive done.
This first shot is of Pugsie, he really thinks this is his bed!

One more shot of him because he is sooooo cute!

this is the nightstand is on my side of the bed. I have no idea why I bought that night stand I think it was cheap at the time, but Its really not my style. I have a really pretty french piece that I bought in a soft creamy yellow that Im planning on moving here.

Catherines Risi beautiful hand painted mirror set in the background with more of my favorite pink roses that I sell in the store.
These are my soft yellow silk draperies that have tiny little pearls sewn all over them.I know your wondering what yellow??????? No pink???????
but when I saw this fabric I nearly fell over I loved it so much. and I thought for the master bedroom I would go alittle different I do love yellow as well.

I purchased the fabric through the silk trading company. If I had bought the curtains already made it would have cost me about 1600.00 dollars. Since I couldnt spend that I went to plan B they also sell silk fabric and this particular one was clearanced out for 25.00 a yard regular price was 80.00 they had exactly the amount I need left to make them so the whole project ended up costing me about 500.00
Im a sewer so it wasnt hard but this was my first time dealing with triple lining and that was a bit of a pain but the biggest pain was sewing around the little pearls, My needles kept breaking!
I almost felt like it would have been worth paying the full price and let them do it. but persistance paid off and I survived! though I do have a persistant twitch in my eye. :P
When they are all fluffed up to me they look like a beautiful ballgown! there is nothing like silk draperies to make a room feel and look so elegant.
Close up of the tiny pearls that nearly sent me to the insane assylum.
I still have one more window on the other side of the room to make curtains for and I have to admit I have been procrastinating because of those tiny pearls but I think I miss the eye twitch it gave me an exotic look so I think im ready to start them now.
Hopefully ill have more picutres to share with you soon.

Most of you may not know that I have done custom order curtains for customers so feel free to inquire.


Anonymous said...

So you are a pearl girl too! Love the curtains & I think pink & yellow go so beautiful together as they are the colors in my dining room. Love the pics. Wishing you luck with those pearls when you do the last window. From one pearl girl to another~~~hugs!!!

Adla said...

I too have a love for silk drapes... love the feel and the look put together. You have a beautiful home, glad I stumbled across your lovely blog.

cheers, Adla

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
What an absolutely stunning room. It is so so elegant and I really like the nightstand in there.

LeAnn :)

Cathy said...


I am speechless. Those are the most BEAUTIFUL curtains I've ever seen. You are amazing and so girly girl like me.

Keep posting those amazing photos.


Scat said...

So thats thats the fabric you were telling me about a while ago!

Dreamy, and so beautiful! I love your taste as you already know!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a gorgeous home... and a beautiful blog! Thank you for visiting me today! Those curtains and those pearls... so romantic and lovely! What a fabulous job you've done!

Sarah said...

Your room is lovely and those drapes are wonderful! I love the poof at the top. Your sweet put is the best of all! Look at that tongue!

Tracie said...
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Tracie said...

Hi Sandy,
That was me above, I really need to proof my comments before hitting that publish button! So sorry...
What I was trying to say is Pugsie is darling and the room is beautiful.
I found you through Jo-Anne's blog and am so glad - it's lovely here.
Now, I will hit "Preview".
Happy Day!
My Petite Maison

Melody said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time after reading about the twitch in your eye, it honestly brought tears to my eyes. Those curtains are devine and well worth the twitch.

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Thanks Melody,
Im glad I made you smile, my pugsie does it to me all the time,

christineannette said...

Hello, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have fallen in love with your silk drapes, you are a lucky girl! Beautiful! Well I am back to reading the rest of your blogs. Have a great day!

Smiles, Christine