Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fluffy Ruffles

I'm a real girly girl and cant get enough of poofie, froofie things.
( but believe me I do have my moments where I'm not so froofie)

I would love to have my whole house filled with things that have fluffy ruffles!
Don't you just love the way those 2 words sound?(Try saying fluffy ruffles three times fast :)

I think my love for all things pretty and pink started when I was young and I dyed my aunts white poodle pink. (don't worry the dog was fine but my aunt wasn't happy)

Since that time Ive always liked pretty things.

I always wanted a daughter to do all the girly things I always wanted to do, but ended up having 2 sons who I adore and will have to wait patiently for granddaughters(hopefully shes not a tomboy)
Until that time you all will have to be my guinea pigs (I mean that in the nicest of ways)

Ill take all my froofing out on you and hopefully make lots of things you'll adore.

My first item is the lamp shade above. Its not for sale because I made some mistakes on it but I have more of the materials so I'm going to do another one that I plan on putting on the website.

I made it from vintage little girls dress, vintage lace and millinery from an old hat.

So I hope you don't mind if I consider you the little girls I never had ( that does sound better than guinea pigs) and I will try to give you lots of beautiful things to adorn yourself and home with.


Cathy said...

What can I say but I'm with you! I love, love, love and fufu too! Pink frilly, glittery and lacy and I'll take it.

Your photographs look good enough to eat. Ice creams colors! Pink, of course, my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I love this shade as much as I loved all the pics of your house when it was featured as cottage of thew month. I would sit and stare at the pics for months! ha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, I just found your beautiful blog and I for one am loving all the foofiness!!! :) Keep it coming - gorgeous stuff!!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

WOW, your website & blog are enchanting! Everything is be-dazzling...
I have put you in my favorites for inspiration :)
Wishing you a Happy Spring!
Jo-Anne Coletti

Joy said...

Sandy, that lamp is to die for! Great work!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Absolutely Lovely!! Sometime (when you have a moment) check out "My Slides" on my right sidebar, and go to the one that says "Grandma's House" - You'll love it.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oh! oh! oh! i NEED that shade!!!!! =) debbie

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

i was so excited about the shade that i didn't notice the base - lol! that i REALLY, REALLY NEED also!!! =) debbie

Mary said...

Oh that shade is gorgeous. Our tastes are the same, one can't get too frilly and foo-foo for me. Like anonymous said, I looked and looked at your pictures when your home was cottage of the month. You have a lovely home!

T.Kenner said... the shade!!! Your pictures are soooo beautiful!

Christine O'Brien said...

Oh, Sandy, I love love love that shade. And I can't wait to see my curtains! You do such beautiful work.

Pink, pink and more pink! Ruffles and lace and roses, oh my!

Keep it coming, girlfriend!