Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fluffy Ruffle Problems!

I have really been in a creative mode lately,

So you may be asking.....Whats The problem?

My problem is that...I have trouble letting my projects go!

I design and create things that I would personaly want to buy and keep so with that I put a little heart and soul in every project,

but then it just makes it harder for me to say goodbye to these things.

Case in point... these 2 lamps and the shades I made for them.

I bought the lamps at one of my favorite antique malls,

I just love the porcelin blue and white flowers soooooo pretty and romantic,

I made the shades using fluffy ruffle vintage fabric :) (you know why im smiling)

and then topping it with the sweetest pink velvet ribbon and trimmings They are sooo over the top sweet that im tempted to keep them!

I suppose you will have to check my website to see what I decided to do! :P




Alison Gibbs said...

Sandy they are really soft and pretty

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

oooh, those turned out lovely... =) debbie

Anonymous said...

Those turned out so so pretty, now did she keep them or not, hmmm...

LeAnn :)

Anonymous said...

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