Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Must Confess!!!!!!!

Ok the gig is up!
You caught me!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no choice but to confess.....

Less all the sweet compliments you have been emailing me lately about how you love the website goes to my head I must tell you something!
I have a secret.......

Well not to my family they know all to well what the secret is that im about to tell you!

And thatis.... the secret is......................

I am a messy, messy artist!

Whew!!!! its out!
Seems Ive done it again..... spread my work to the kitchen table and as you can see its Chaos!

Dont ask me how I get work done but I seem to work at my best like this.
I pull everything out because im not sure what I want to use and I try different things to be sure its the best and before you no it I have the scene below...........

This is a Cinderella dress that im making out of a vintage hat. See the Pathmark water in the background... my favorite brand of water......

Working on special order lampshades so have all those supplies out as well. and also a custom pinkie belle for another customer.... more pathmark water...
The great hat I just bought on my last antiquing trip trying to decide if I want to take it apart.My Shabby chic file folder beneath the rubble holding favorite pictures..... and of course my water bottle!

My husband just walked by chuckled and said "Someone's got a big mess to clean tommorrow"

I had to laugh myself otherwise I would cry......:(
So now you have it!!!!!!!!!

You have the truth about me.....
My house doesnt always look picture perfect.
I feel much better and more human that now you know,

but all this mess does have an end,
ill clean it all up and put it away for a while and my house will be habitable again
I will post new items they will sell and then the process will start all over :)
untill then....
good night!


Joy said...

I'm soooo with you on this! I am messy too - but that's a good thing - I don't think any great ideas come from a sterile environment! ;)


Scat said...

Oh.. WELL, my house is Perfect!!

hahahahahaha Manic laughter!

I think it looks fun San! Can't wait to see what you do with the water bottle? Jewels or fabric? hehe

Cathy said...


I love the pics of your BIG MESS. My studio used to look like that everyday, so I moved my Glitz and Glam station down to the basement. I am just like you, I need EVERYTHING out when I work because I never know what I'm going to want to tuck in here or there.

I am in love your your website, your blog and pics of your home. I just can't stay away. I inspire me!