Sunday, April 20, 2008

Show and Tell Sundays

Well its Sunday again so that means its time for............Show and Tell Sunday!
The girls over at flickr have decided to arrange this to give everyone an oppurtunity to share our favorite things with you every weekend.
This week the theme is vintage bling!
(You didnt know I had a little bit of poet in me did ya!) :P

This is a picture of my not so glamorous storage container for all my bling! I wish it were some sort of beautiful vintage cabinet but this really works for me because I can wheel it around to where ever im working!
To much of the shagrin of my husband who would prefer I keep my creating to my office and not all over the house.
(I know Ive shown you pictures of my creative process and it aint pretty :P

Here are some shots of the jewels I use......

I have a huge stash but still need more and Im always on the hunt,so that when I sit down to work I like to have lots to choose from.

Pinks are the favorites! But also lavendar hues gives a nice variation to the pink.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my bling(ah ha another ryhme :)

have a great day,




Alison Gibbs said...

Oh you have some pretty pieces there.

Nerissa said...

You have sooo much. I can't stop the drool :)


Cathy said...

Sandy, Love the bling. It looks like you are able to get your hands on some amazing goodies.

Where did you get the plastic tubs on wheels. I need those?


mylulus said...

I give my hubbie credit for those tubs and trying to organize me, he bought them at Target our favorite store!

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Oh, Sandy! Love your vintage gems. I purchased some on my trip to Chicago at the best antique shop I have ever seen! I can't believe you take apart vintage jewelry! I have some beautiful earrings and pins that would make beautiful adornments on my cutepinkstuff, but I can't bear to take apart the jewelry! I have the same plastic bins on wheels. My boys store their legos and I store my glass knobs, chandelier crystals and scrapbook supplies. I, too, am longing for the perfect antique storage drawers/cabinet!

Cathy said...


Thanks for the info. I ran out yesterday and bought those rolling carts. I love them. I have them set up right now while I'm blinging some pretty bottle. I have a small ironing board sitting on top with my seam binding and my lace running underneath. Now I can iron and put bows on then glitz and glam everything without moving.