Monday, April 21, 2008

New Blog Banner

As you can see Ive had a little makeover.....

Nothing major just some tweaking and refining. Im hoping you like it....

I still have the lady I had before but now she is just embellished and surrounded by my favorite
elements........ pink roses and fluffy ruffles!!!!!!!!!

I really love the job that Susan over at Spring Street did on her.
Susan is such a sweet heart and such a pleasure to work with.
If your in the need of any website or blog graphics check her out.
She is super patient and believe me I know because I put her to the test :p

Ive also changed the name from Lu La's Place to Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles.
You know by now by reading this blog why the fluffy ruffles part,
but the Lu Lu's is actually another one of my nicknames that my father gave me growing up.

He called me lu la belle and lu lu (and remember the dreaded Birtha) I hated that name I actually hated all of them but now embrace the first 2....but im still trying to forget the Birtha one.
Note to any parents out there ......Do not give your teenage daughter the nickname Birtha it will scar her for life!!!!!!!!

Vintage beaded bookmarks.....

vintage hankies with vintage beads............
Ive also opened a SISTER shop to my website on Etsy
its called Fluffy Ruffles..............

Ive opened it as another marketing tool to find customers who love handmade vintage inspired items. My website is still relatively new and im happy with the response to my site but still looking for different avenues to promote my work. so check it out there are so many creative artist on Etsy youll really enjoy it.

Just listed some beautiful one of a kind yet affordable vintage jeweled bookmarks and hankies on my website and etsy.

hope you take a peek!


Alison Gibbs said...

Sandy love the new look. So soft and girly!!

christineannette said...

Hi Sandy,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is lovely and your site is beautiful. Enjoy this Spring weather!

Smiles, Christine

Mary said...

Hello Sandy,

Is that a picture of your bible? OOh, so pretty!!

mylulus said...

Yes it is! Isnt it beautiful!

Mary said...

Sandy, it is beautiful!! Did you paint it yourself? Was it white leather and then sort of a sponge painting of pink with the pretty lace and beads added? I just love it! The roses are gorgeous! It has your decorative touch!! Thank you for your reply! I love your blog, website and flickr pics. I found you thru Sherry at Sherry's Rose Cottage. She is a dear special internet girlfriend!

Christine O'Brien said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look!
It is soooooooooo you!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'd love to put you on my blog roll too.
In fact, that's what I'm going to do right now this minute.


Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Hi...I am a fellow website owner and blogger. I just love your stuff and have my eye on quite a few things. I have business related question for you. I made and sold a cake plate(you can see it on my website). I have done a few of these plus some other things for friends. My customer that bought the plate said the bottom came apart. I use ducco cement and it is very strong. I told her, when she was in town that I would exchange it for another one. She never responded so I am not sure if she just wanted to know what I use or if it was a legitimate claim. All in all, I was curious as I see you have cake plates and such for sale. What product would you recommend for the adhering and have you ever had a problem like this? Thank you so much for your time~ I will be back to shop and visit your blog too. I could not email you due to my browser settings so this is the only way I could contact you. Please email me at Sheri:)

Christine O'Brien said...

My curtains have arrived and they are breathtakingly beeeee-yuuuuuuu-teeeeee-fullllllll!!!!

O-M-G! Now I don't want to put them in DD#1's room, I want them for myself!

You are one amazingly talented lady.
Thank you so much for making such gorgeous pretties for me.


Maria Jové said...

Hi Sandy, your blog it´s wonderfull

very nice photos


Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Sandy,
What a delightful blog site you have! I bet you're thrilled with it to.
Thanks for the visit! I hope you enjoy more of what you read, and join in the Thank You Story project . . .

Joy said...

Oh I love those you sell them on your web page?