Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hankie Pankie

Don't you just love old hankies? Especially when they have the prettiest fluffy ruffle & lacey
borders.(aha! found a way to use my favorite words again)
You seldom find pretty new ones around anymore.
They are from a by gone era for the most part.

Today we have all kinds of disposable types that I have to admit are quite handy when you have a cold or allergy attack.(my little guy likes to roll them and stick them in his nose so he doesn't have to blow constantly,I know I know there must be some safety issue involved but so far so good and nothing has gotten stuck :P)

But I couldn't imagine using a disposable on a special event where you no there will be many happy tears such as a Wedding.
The occasion just calls for something really special!

There really is no need to settle when you can find so many pretty old ones at antique stores and flea markets.
I like to take mine a step further and embellish them with vintage beads and pearls.
take a look below of some ideas that I do with mine................

I hand sewed vintage beads to the ends of this hankie.

I then fluffed it up and placed it in a little teapot that had no lid.
I found this hankie that someone way back when had folded it in the prettiest way so that all the ruffled corners showed. It had some damage but I bought it anyway so I can learn how to fold it.

Tried putting 2 hankies in one little teapot.
this one had the pretties little pink flowers and green leafs embroidered on it.
Ooohhh this hankie is one of my favorites. it has the softest silhouettes of a man and lady on the 4 corners of the hankie. I also sewed beads on the end.

Then I decided to just put one hankie in each I think I prefer this the best. Other ideas I use hankies for is to place underneath a tea cup and saucer, I even use them to put under little figurines on a shelf to add more interest.
Just listed some beaded hankies on the website you might want to check them out.


Anonymous said...

Love those embellished hankies, what a great idea to use them in a teapot missing its lid! Gorgeous post, thanks for sharing!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

How sweet the beading you have added to your hankies looks.

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

mmm..... i think i just might NEED a beaded hanky =) off to check out your web site. debbie

Little Pink Studio said...

Beautiful hankies!
Thank you for playing along!
~Cerri xo

Deborah said...

I am lovin' your blog! Just found it and I love the way you decorate with all the lacey, fluffy, fru-fru girlie stuff!
I'll be back tomorrow - have my mammy-gram this afternoon. (That's pretty girlie, don't you think?) Right now I'm off to see what you have on Etsy!


Christine O'Brien said...

What a great idea to spruce up some hankies that otherwise might be overlooked if they had a little fraying or other small defect. Wonderful job!


The Vintage Butterfly said...

Love the embellished hankies, so pretty! I also think your embellished frames are gorgeous! I just found you on flickr today and thought I would say hello. :)